Dalyis.com’s Instagram pages reveal that they feature dresses by fashion designers and brands who use recycled materials in their creations. Do you want to lower your carbon footprint? These dresses are cheaper, but they might not be as good quality. You might still choose such clothing because of massive discounts and free shipping in Australia and Canada.

Let’s take a look at Dalyis.com and see Is Dalyis Legal?

Is Dalyis.com Legit?

  • Dalyis.com Creation at 07:10.26
  • Dalyis.com Agefourmonths and eighteendays
  • Dalyis.com expiry:25th Nov 2022 at 07/10:26
  • Dalyis.com Life Expectancy:expires in seven months and twelve calendar days.
  • Trust IndexDalyis.com is a horrible 1% Trust Rank
  • Business RankDalyis.com is ranked 26.3% below the industry average.
  • Origin:Dalyis.com was created in high-risk Iceland.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 25/100.
  • Threat Profile65/100
  • Phishing Score61/100
  • Malware Score65/100
  • Spam Score61/100
  • Status Blacklisting:Dalyis.com has not been blacklisted.
  • Security:HTTPS protocol used by Dalyis.com
  • Dalyis reviews SSL Certification:IP172.67.195.186 has a valid SSL certificate.
  • Contact person:unspecified at Dalyis.com
  • Social relations:Dalyis.com has 765 fans on Facebook and Instagram.


Dalyis.com is a great example of a web network that robs customers of their money. It offers huge discounts, buy more, get more offers, and coupons.

Dalyis.com content can be found on over thirty fraudulent websites. The coupon code – SAVE5 can be found on numerous websites such as oppova.com and rogatha.com. These websites were also used to replicate web design by Dalyis.com.

Dalyis.com was created as a website for commercial sales:

  1. Casual dresses
  2. Sweater
  3. Cardigan
  4. Tops with long sleeves
  5. Maxi dresses
  6. Midi dresses
  7. Mini dresses
  8. Sweater dresses
  9. Vacation dresses
  10. Two pieces sets
  11. Collections for autumn, winter, spring and summer


  • Buy women’s dresses at: https://www.dalyis.com.
  • Social media Linksincluded at Dalyis.com for Instagram and Facebook
  • Price: between $27.99 and $62.99
  • Physical address:Xbp Internaional Ltd,145-157 St Johns St.Post Town,London-EC1V4PY.
  • Phone number (or) WhatsApp number.only contact number on Dalyis.com is +447482875871
  • Email address: Dalyis@rezomail.com.
  • Customer Reviews and Blogs:only customer testimonials are available on Dalyis.com.
  • Terms & Conditions: Mentioned, but plagiarized by Dalyis.com.
  • Privacy policy Mentioned, but plagiarized by Dalyis.com
  • Store locator Dalyis.com didn’t include the address of its stores.
  • Delivery Policy:Dalyis.com takes 30 to 55 days to deliver your dresses.
  • Shipping Policy:Dalyis.com ships via USPS and FedEx. DHL and UPS. Orders below $79. qualify for free shipping
  • Cancellation Policy.Orders must be cancelled within 24 hours to avoid paying a cancellation fee.
  • Return Policy:Returns are possible within 30 days of Dalyis.com.
  • Refunds Policy:Dalyis.com didn’t mention the method of refunds. The refund is returned within seven business days. This analysis Is Dalyis Legit?
  • Tracking:possible at Dalyis.com
  • Method of Payment:via PayPal or MasterCard, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. DinersClub is also available.
  • Newsletters: Supported by Dalyis.com
  • FAQ and Help:present at Dalyis.com
  • Contact and Owner’s Identity:Dalyis.com used the Withheld for Privacy EHF method to censor these details.


  • Orders over $79 qualify for free shipping on Dalyis.com
  • All dresses at Dalyis.com are up to 40% off
  • Dalyis.com offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all dresses
  • Dalyis.com has a detailed image illustration and an item description.
  • Dalyis.com’s user-friendly interface allows for searching, filtering and sorting options.

Cons determined Dalyis :

  • Dalyis.com misappropriated the brand of Xbp International Ltd because they are not related
  • Dalyis.com has a unfriendly cancellation policy
  • Dalyis.com mentions a long delivery time
  • In website reviews, contact# 447482875871 has been classified as spam and scam.
  • It is difficult to reach Dalyis.com customer support

Customer Reviews:

It is suspected that the scam has been exposed by one YouTube review and six reviews on Dalyis.com. Dalyis.com product reviews are positive and rated higher than 4.5/5 stars.

There were no reviews on other websites or social media. Dalyis.com has a low Alexa rank of 11,006,778. Learn About PayPal Scams Dalyis.com takes PayPal.


Dalyis.com is scam and answered We don’t recommend Dalyis.com because there was no acknowledgement from customers about receiving dresses and no reviews. Dalyis.com was founded in a high-risk area and has a very short life expectancy.