Are you a dog lover? Do you believe dogs make the best pets? This post is for all of you. This post will discuss the breed that is both the most adorable and loyal.

People love dogs and they are the center of attraction in any household. W2S is the name of the dog breed that we are talking about. It is becoming increasingly popular in Australia and Ireland.

In this post, we will discuss W2sfurther.

Dog Breed

People are interested in W2S’s dog breed because Harry often shows off his dog on social media and while creating content. Harry’s dog is one of his most adorable parts. He is a popular social media star.

Harry is a Havanese breed dog. He takes very good care of his dog and has made several videos about it. He has his own Instagram account, where Harry posts photos of Herbert. The Wroetoshaw Dog social media handles have a large fanbase and follower base.

What is W2S?

It is not a breed of dog. It can be described as an online identity, or the name of Harry Christopher George Lewis. Harry, a content creator of 25 years old, was born 26 November 1994. He is extremely popular around the world.

He might be known by his nickname, “wroetoshaw”. His fame came from his participation in the Sidemen channel on Youtube. Because he uploads his content to that channel, he became well-known. Herbert is also his dog, which he affectionately calls Herb.

What Breed is W2s Dog HTML3_

  • Herbert is the dog’s Instagram handle @herbontour. Here, harry posts regular content about him as well as short videos and photos.
  • Herbert has thousands upon thousands of followers on social media platforms.
  • Herbert lived with Harry, Calfreezy, and Callus in their Stanford halo apartment. This was in 2019.
  • Harry and Harry left the apartment and moved to Guernsey with Harry. He lived there with his parents.
  • Herbert is often seen in various videos by Harry, Callus, and Calfreezy.
  • Havaneese is the HerbW2s Dog Breed.

Conclusion –

You can find many cute dogs online, but Herbert is different. He is tiny and unique. Herbert is one the most adorable dogs you’ll ever see. You might have seen Herbert before.

If you haven’t seen him, click here to see his social handles.

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