Zola, located at zola.com, is a popular wedding planning website that has been around for a while. Unfortunately, scammers attempted to hack user accounts using passwords that were already in use last weekend.

Many complaints were filed online by Zola users after they noticed unauthorised charges totaling hundreds of dollars. These complaints can be found on Twitter and Reddit. Below is one.

Although we don’t know if the site was hacked from an outsider, hacker or insider, the company released an statement online explaining what happened and how it happened. These hackers probably gained access to the credentials on third-party sites and used them for bad purposes, including trying to log into Zola. Emily Forrest stated that the team immediately acted to protect Zola’s guests and couples.

Is Zola Reset Password Email a Scam?

Don’t panic if you receive an email from Zola asking you to change the password. Check first to make sure the email comes from suppor@zola.com This is the official Zola email. Scammers have spoof every other Zola email address.

You can take these steps to protect your card from online fraud:

  1. Before doing business with an e-commerce website, make sure you thoroughly research it.
  2. For all your online accounts, don’t use the same password for each one.
  3. Renew your password frequently and use two-factor authentication to access your online accounts and applications.
  4. To remove malware, install and continue to use antivirus software.
  5. Do not save your credit card number on your online accounts.
  6. You shouldn’t buy anything online from a public Wi Fi network.
  7. Do not click on suspicious links or open ambiguous attachments in an email.


The Zola Reset Password email sent from suppor@zola.com does not contain a scam. This is a mandatory step you must take to change your password because of the security breach at Zola.com. Once you have received the email confirm that it is from suppor@zola.com and then change your password. You will be more successful if you act quickly.