lIn discussions in India, the Zhaka token has been the most popular crypto-token. People began to inquire about the Zhaka token’s price, market statistics and other information.

What are the answers to these questions? Don’t worry, you’ll find all the answers here!

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This article will provide all details regarding the ZHAKA token, including Zhaka Price In India.

The Zhaka Token

Zhaka, a token utility built on Cardano’s network, is an asset that supports the ZHAKA ecosystem.

Zhaka transactions are peer to peer transactions that don’t require middlemen. The platform is also borderless, so it doesn’t matter where you live. The ecosystem was designed to provide maximum asset protection at all times.

Buyers can also receive around 20% annually in interest on their assets. They can also add to or withdraw funds at any time.

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About JAA Lifestyle

JAALifestyle launched the Zhaka token. This company offers its partners a better way to live. JAA Lifestyle is a company that provides every individual with the chance to achieve financial freedom and live an extraordinary lifestyle.

The company changed the token’s name from Zhaka to Zhaka on December 13, 2021. They also announced that the token would no longer be available for cryptocurrency exchange until further notice.

Founding Fathers of The Zhaka Token

According to online sources and information, Mr. Shain Hymon was the promoter Zhaka token and the CEO of JAA Lifestyle. They did not reveal any other details.

Zhaka Token Prices In India and Other Statistics

Zhaka token was launched on 13 February 2022. It is now accessible to everyone without any invitation codes.

The token was launched just recently so there is not much statistical data available. The price of this token at $0.02-0.03 in India is currently estimated.

Why Zhaka Token is Trending?

Zhaka token is in high demand because it was launched recently. The Zhaka token was previously only available to those who had received the invitation codes upon registering for KYC.

Now that you have a good idea of the Zhaka token price in India , read the guide below for how to buy Zhaka tokens online.

How to Buy Zhaka Tokens?

You must register on the official site to purchase these tokens.

  • Open WazirX and go to the tokens that you wish to trade to Zhaka.
  • Click on Withdraw and paste your destination address. Then, select how many tokens you wish to withdraw.
  • Click on Proceed to confirm the transaction


Q1. Q1. What is the ZHAKA token

A1. Zhaka token, a utility token that is built on the Cardano network, can be found at A1.

Q2. Q2. What is the official website for the Zhaka token

A2. This link takes you to the official website of Zhaka token.

Q3. Q3. Is Zhaka listed on CoinMarketCap

A3. No.

The Last Words

Zhaka Price In India has been mentioned in this article. It also includes related information about the token as well as a guide for purchasing them. We recommend that you explore more information about this token.