Our survey shows that users are able to use “Wordle” and get some American Spelling, especially for British users.

It appears to be a major problem in the United Kingdom. Experts believe that Wordle is a US-based business. It is only natural that the maximum spelling be inspired by American English. The British are seeking a ” Uk Version” to solve the problem.

Let’s talk about the factors involved in this matter.

What do you know about the “World” Game?”

According to our research, “Wordle”, a popular game in Australia as well as Canada has been in high demand in recent years. It’s a “Word” game that you can find online.

Josh Wardle is the founder of the game. The rules of the game are simple and straightforward. A five-letter word will be given to the player six times. The tiles will show if the player has correctly guessed the word. A gamer can attempt the same word within a single day.

What do you know about the Wordle Uk website?

Our expert believes there is some improvement to the game. The gamers discovered a new URL for the game.

The first URL was – “powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle”. But it is now changed into “nytimes.com/games/wordle”.

Logging in to the URL “Power Language” will redirect gamers to the Nytime.com website. But the gamers also can check that the “Powerlanguage.co.uk” shows all information about its founder Josh Wardle.

According to our survey, the “fonts” of the game have also been changed. The menu links to other games from “New York Times”, such as “The Crossword”, and “Tiles”.

What do you know about Wordle Uk Version Version?

According to our research, Josh Wardle was originally the founder of Wordle. He is now a British citizen. Josh is a software engineer originally from “Wales”. Wardle currently resides in New York City.

At the registration time, Wardle registered this website game to the “UK” domain as – “powerlanguage.co.uk”.

The United States is gaining popularity for the game. The game’s publisher has been the “New York Times Company”, which is now well-known. Due to this reason, the earlier is changed to “nytimes.com/games/wordle.”

The current situation is that British users face some problems due to the Wordle Uk change.

The Problematic Issues

According to our survey with British users, there is a change in spelling. English users notice that the redirection website uses a US spelling.

British players have already notified authorities about the issue. These reasons have led to the news becoming a trending topic.


Our observations show that many British players now know that “New York Times Company”, the publisher of the game is, in fact, the new publisher. The unique URL uses a non-British spelling.

Many people are concerned about the Uk Version. However, the effects don’t affect the popularity of “Wordle”. According to our survey, the game is played by millions every day.