Wordle was developed by Josh Wardle using JAVA script. Wordle was a gift Josh had made for his friend, Palak Shah. Josh and his friends launched it on the Powerlanguage website as a free puzzle in the United States and Canada.

Josh was told by friends that the name of his website would be pronounced “Power Language” and launched Powerlanguage Uk App.

Initial website launch:

Josh was putting in effort and running around trying to launch the website under the name “powerlanguage”, but his friends were shocked as they believed he would launch it with the term “foullanguage”.

This is because Josh and his friends had originally suggested a catchy name such as “foul language” when they were trying to name the website.

Josh and Palak Shah had originally planned to include more than 2,500 words in the Wordle game. These are the Wordle game solutions that have been solved:

  1. THOSE
  2. MOIST
  3. SHARD
  4. PLEAT
  5. ALOFT
  6. SKILL
  7. ELDER
  8. FRAME
  9. HUMOR
  10. PAUSE
  11. ULCER
  12. ULTRA
  13. ROBIN
  14. TAPIR
  15. REBUS
  16. PROXY
  17. KNOLL
  18. QUERY
  19. SIEGE

About Wordle PowerlanguageUk App :

Wordle quickly became a popular game and is now a part of many people’s daily lives. Users had to identify five letters that would make a word and then share their guesses with the rest of the world.

  • Wordle is a fun game that gives you only six chances of correctly guessing the word.
  • Wordle games offer blank tiles in three colors.
  • The tiles will turn grey if the user assumes that an alphabet is not part of the word.
  • The tiles will turn yellow if the user correctly guesses the alphabet but not the sequence.
  • The tiles will turn green if the user correctly assumes that the alphabets are in the correct series.

Wordle Powerlanguage Uk App Migration:

Wordle was a well-known game that Josh offered money to purchase. The New York Times (NYT), however, purchased the online game and moved it to its NYT URL.

The Wordle was not available on the Powerlanguage website until the afternoon of 11 February 2022. Wordle was given new solutions by the NYT, which included:

User Experience:

Users who tried the puzzles were frustrated and unable to solve the latest solutions. They reported the problem on Twitter using Wordle Powerlanguage UK App. NYT disagreed with the claims that Wordle was deliberately difficult to use in these Twitter posts.


Few changes were made to Wordle’s migration from Powerlanguage to NYT Web. These included minor changes to the Wordle logo and a menu with contacting links to NYT posts. Wordle also initially redirects users to NYT pages. Stats of very few users were reset during the migration. NYT also removed some offensive words and provided solutions such as PUPAL, AGORA and other difficult ones.

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