Wordle, the Worldwide most popular word game, is growing in popularity each day. It was founded in 2021 by Josh Wardle. One problem with the game is that only one puzzle is available each 24 hours. If one Wordle per day is not enough to keep you busy, there are Wordle alternatives.

We have previously discussed Wordle alternatives like Nerdle or Absurdle. Today we have a word game that you might enjoy. This game is called Wordle Guess the Country.

Guess the Country Name – Worldle

This word game focuses on geography and tests your ability predict countries or geographic areas. Although the name may be similar to the word puzzle’s, it is still quite different. Let’s find out what the fuss is all about this Wordle-like word puzzle.

Wordle’s success led to a variety of derivative games. Some of these are unique and fun to play. Worldle is one of these games. This game is unique because, although it is based on Wordle’s idea, the mechanics and Guess the Country Gamegameplay of the game are completely different.

What’s the Game Goal?

Wordle’s primary goal is to correctly identify five-letter words, but the main goal is to locate the secret country or geographical location. It also provides hints before you attempt to help you determine the correct answer.

Who created it?

Teuteuf is a programmer who goes by the name teuteuf and created this Wordle version. Worldle is a website that focuses on puzzles that are based on geography. When you start the Guess the Country Game for the first time, you will see a shadow representing a country, an island, or other geography. You will need to guess its name. The answer is not limited to five letters like Wordle. To aid guessing, players only need to write a few characters. Auto recommendations may then appear.

How to Play

The game will provide additional hints if the user fails to get the answer right the first time. After each attempt, three boxes are displayed. In the first box, you will see the distance between your prediction (or the exact location of the solution). To show how far apart they were, you can choose India in Wordle Guess The Country.

The second box contains an arrow. The hidden site is indicated by the arrow’s head. Let’s say you pick India. The answer is South Africa. The arrow will point southwest in this case because South Africa is situated in the same region as India. The percentage indicator in the third box indicates how close you were to winning. The closer you are to 100 percent, the more you will win.

Conclusion of Wordle Guess The Country :

Wordle adds a new dimension to the game, which geography lovers will love. This is a geography-based version to the popular memory game where you need to identify the country or region you are in.

Would you like to learn more about this game? You should check out the Worldle site for more information. Leave a comment below.