Wise sent you a scam text claiming that a payment would be taken from your account. You can view the details or cancel it by clicking a link within the text. Beware! It’s a scam.

Many people have received this scam text message Wise. This scam text message Wise actually contains a link that takes you to a malicious website.

What is a wise account?

Wise allows you to hold money in more 50 currencies and convert them at the current exchange rate whenever it suits you. You can also access account details for GBP and EUR, AUD* or NZD, USD as well as CAD, HUF. RON**, TRY and SGD (plus many more).

Wise Account Scamtext 2022 – How does this scam work?

Wise Account scamtext is fraudulent text that scammers send to you to steal your financial and personal information. This message is from Wise.com and claims to tell you that a payment will automatically be taken from your account. You can view the details or cancel the payment by clicking on a link. Don’t be fooled.

You are exposed to spywares, viruses, and malwares by clicking on the link. These can be harmful to your device and can hack or destroy your mobile phone.

Wise Account Scam Text Formats:

This is the usual format for Wise Account Scam Text.

Wise: A new payment of 2000 NZD will be made on 06/05/22. View payment or cancel it via: transferwiseauthenticatelogin .com

Many people might assume that this text message comes from Wise.com. It comes with URL. This would be a big mistake. This is a simple, but very effective phish. It makes use of real-world factors that make it more convincing than other mailers. Beware!

Wise has warned people about scams that claim to be from the company and is well aware.

Wise.com is a simple website address that will be used to send genuine correspondence.

Messages will not ask for passwords or credit cards numbers. They will also not include attachments or ask users to download anything to their devices.

Have you been scammed by Wise Scamtext? Do the Following!

It is a scam and you should immediately delete the message. Do not forget to notify your loved ones. If they get such a message, they are asked not to click the link.