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Are you a fan of the House of the Dragon series of television? Is King Viserys a victim of a deadly disease? This article will inform you. This episode of the House of the dragon’s eighth episode was quite interesting. This series is well-known in the United States and Canada.

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House of the Dragon Episode 8.

The eighth episode of the series features an interesting twist. The episode showed that the queens of kings had two additional children, Viserys and Aegon. Further revelations revealed that King Viserys was getting old and was suffering leprosy. Alicent and Otto attempted to seize this opportunity.

Fans wanted to know What disease does King Viserys Targaryen have Recently, Paddy Considine, Viserys’ role-player revealed that King Viserys had Leprosy disease.

King Viserys Disease:

In the House of the Dragon, King Viserys was revealed to have become old and sick. According to the report, King Viserys has Leprosy Disease. This is a type of disease that makes a young person look old. This disease can also lead to bone and body destruction. This disease can spread through contact.

What does Viserys have?

The episode in which King Viserys becomes old and sick has been aired for six years. Paddy Considine recently revealed that King Viserys has Leprosy disease. This has made Viserys look older and sicker.

We will be discussing Episode 8 of House of Dragon. It is revealed that Viserys has suffered from various health problems and finally dies peacefully. There were many questions following this episode Does Viserys have Leprosy Yes, he did. He was also suffering from Leprosy which made him look old-fashioned and sick. Further, King Viserys died peacefully following the visit of Princess Helena.


In the eight episodes, King Viserys died peacefully from Leprosy. This article contains all details. This link will take you to for more information about King Viserys’ death. This article contains details about King Visery’s health and What disease does King Viserys have