Are you familiar with the Kathleen Patterson case? Did you hear about Kathleen Patterson’s missing information? All over the internet, Kathleen Patterson’s missing information is becoming viral. People all over the web, including those from the United States, want to know where she went and whether she’s been found. We will be updating our readers with the latest news and information from our research on Kathleen Patterson Missing.

Kathleen Patterson Was Missing

According to the news, Kathleen Patterson was last seen leaving her home to hike to Spur Cross by the sheriff in Maricopa Country. After leaving her house, she tried to contact her family but was not able to reach them.

Kathleen Patterson Missing Cave Creek Information

Kathleen fled her home on the 25th of September 2022 at 7:30 p.m. According to authorities, Kathleen Patterson left her house in order to hike at Spur Cross. This place is located in the Cave Creek area. Her family last called her at 10:30. When the search began at the parking lot for the trailhead, Kathleen Patterson’s car was found by authorities, Grey Infiniti.

Kathleen Patterson Missing Information

According to her family, she was wearing green tank top, a white visor hat, shorts and a blue backpack. Kathleen Patterson’s height is 5′ 5″, her weight is 112 lbs, and her hair is blond.

Maricopa Country Sheriff’s also gave the number to call them if Kathleen is ever found or if they have any other information at 602-876-1011.

Kathleen Patterson Missing Cave Creek Info

AccuWeather Cave Creek reached 101 degrees on Monday. It will soon reach 97 degrees. Cave creek is located 35 miles from Downtown Phoenix, in the Northeast.


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