Did you get your TVR papers from someone who wanted to purchase your car online through Verifyliens.com? The buyer may not be genuine This review reveals why verifyliens.com isn’t a reliable website for checking your vehicle history reports online.


25-10-2022 (Part-04) | Scammer Site…

Verifyliens, located at verifyliens.com, is a platform that offers trusted vehicle reports. It is original and cheaper than Carfax. During our investigation, however, we found something suspicious about the website. We found the following red flags:

  • This website has not been in operation for a while. The website was registered on the 10th of May 2022, as you can see there.
  • We don’t have any tangible information regarding the owner.
  • There is no phone number or contact address.

This is an important point to remember. You can see the difference between Carfax.com and Carfax.com.

This Scam: How Does It Work?

  • A potential buyer of your vehicle asks you to report your vehicle to this site
  • If you inform the buyer that you have a Carfax report, the buyer will insist you get the vehicle report from Verifyliens.
  • Verifyliens.com requires you to pay $20 for your report.
  • You will never get anything after payment.

This sounds like a scam, right? You might think that losing $20 is nothing to worry about. Your credit card could be hacked. This is especially true if you didn’t use PayPal or paid directly for the item.

What should you do?

Keep in mind that the National Motor Vehicles Title Information System is the true source of title information and registration information about a car. This can be accessed through the vehiclehistory.com website of the US government.

In the meantime If your car is for sale online, follow these

  • You can purchase a report by yourself at one of these agencies. A detailed report can cost as low as $10 or as high as $50.
  • It can be offered as an incentive in your ad. This will increase your chances of attracting serious buyers.


Verfiyliens.com scams car owners online. After receiving payment from car owners, the website pretends to be a vehicle history report site. However, it fails to send TVR papers. Avoid car buyers who insist on getting your vehicle report through this website.

If you are thinking of using a vehicle history report company that you don’t know well, you can check their online reputation.