A scam text is being sent by USPrhythm to direct people to a phishing website USPrhythm.com. It states that the package was not delivered and that they will reschedule it. Beware! It’s a fraud.

Many people have received this message from USPrhythm. This text message is not from United States Postal Service. Scammers sent the text to obtain financial and personal information.

It is available in the following format:

USPS Tracking Number: US9514961195221 Sorry, your package was not delivered. For information on how to reschedule delivery, please visit usprhythm.com

You can also receive this text in a different format. Do not click on the link if it arrives. It’s a scam!

How does the scam work?

This is a scam message that scammers send to you in order to steal your financial and personal information. We are sorry to inform you that your package was not delivered. You can reschedule delivery by visiting usprhythm.com. Clicking the link exposes your device to viruses, spywares and malwares that can hack and destroy mobile phones. Beware!

Have you received a USPrhythm scam text? Do the Following!

It is a scam and you should immediately delete the message. Do not forget to notify your loved ones. If they get such a message, they are asked not to click the link.

You can also report unscrupulous websites or scams and tell us why the websites are fraudulent.