is a trading platform for Forex and Crypto traders. A reputed Forex and Crypto Trading platform Beware! It’s a fraud.

It is not a genuine USDT Trading Platform. It was created by fraudsters with the goal of defrauding and luring unsuspecting people. Many people have been scammed by this website. 2022 – How does this Scam work?

This is a fake website that scammers created and registered recently on 2022-06-04. It claims to be a USDT Trading platform. The website is not authentic, as neither a Contact Us nor About Us Information are provided. You will need to pay tax to withdraw your money from this website if you sign up for it. You will not be able either to maximize your profits or withdraw any of your money even if you pay the tax. Don’t fall for it. It’s all a scam!

How to identify fake USDT platforms

The USDT Logo is a green original logo. However, the fake logo colour is grey.

Fully Diluted market cap: This is the best way to identify fake transactions. If you cannot find the fully diluted market capital after clicking the USDT symbol,

Conclusion: is currently not considered a valid platform. It is not recommended that online users, or Crypto traders, visit it or provide financial or personal information. It was registered a few days ago, but no information is available about its operation.

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