The battle between Russia and Ukraine is being closely monitored by citizens worldwide. Everybody wants to know what the outcome of this conflict is and what the actions of other countries to stop it. The United States is one of the countries being viewed and whether or not they will send troops to either country.

According to the latest update, President Joe Biden declined to send troops to Russia. They have however pledged to protect NATO allies.

This article will discuss United States Allies and the reasons they are featured in the news.

An Overview Of What Allies Mean

Let’s take a look at what enemies and allies mean before we explain the allies of America. A country can be considered an allie if it has signed a defense agreement with another country.

As per the agreement, if any of your allies are attacked they will help you. Those countries that are not in agreement are called enemy countries.

We will discuss the List of United States Allies 2022 in the following sections and the countries that are included.

Why Are US Allies in News?

According to the latest update on the Ukraine-Russia conflict in the news Worldwide, the U.S. president Joe Biden declared his support for the defense of every country within the NATO territory. NATO had also announced that it would deploy 40,000 troops to provide land, naval, and air support for its allies a week before.

In response to Russia’s growing aggression, the U.S. imposed economic sanctions on Russia that would limit exports.

U.S. List of Enemies List of U.S. Allies and Enemies 2022

Many countries around the world are included in NATO’s list of NATO members. Below is a breakdown of each country. Below are the Top Allies and Enemies for the US.


  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Australia
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • Israel


  • Syria
  • Iran
  • Libya
  • Iraq
  • Somalia
  • Russia
  • Palestine
  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan
  • North Korea

According to the latest reports, the U.S. will provide defense and support for all countries under NATO based on Joe Biden’s claims. Aside from that, all other countries will be supported if any enemy country attacks Who Are the Allies 2022.

Final Conclusion

We have discussed in detail all US enemies and allies in the section above. Allies are military and defence alliances in which countries offer mutual assistance and guidance in case of an emergency affecting other NATO countries.

The US took many steps to stop the unrest under the pretext that the attack was being conducted. You want to learn more about United States Allies2022? is the most recent update.

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Final Conclusion

This post discusses the United States Allies, why it is in news and the most recent update.