An ongoing Unbounce Page PayPal Scam Text is being used to send phishing links. We have detected suspicious activity in your PayPal account and your PayPal account has been closed. Beware! It’s a scam. It is a scam. This honest review exposes all details.

Many people have received this text message from Unbounce Page PayPal in October 2022. Scammers sent the text to obtain financial and personal information.

What is Unbounce Page PayPal Scam? How Does It Work?

This is a scam message that scammers are sending to your financial and personal information. We have detected suspicious activity in your PayPal account and your PayPal account has been closed. To recover your account, the email suggests that you click on the provided link. Do not be fooled. It’s all a scam!

You are exposed to spywares, viruses, and malwares by clicking on the link. These can cause damage to your device and could hack or destroy your phone. Beware!

The text format

Similar Scam Text Pattern

  • Unknown or “spoofed number” sends you a text message. Scammers make it appear that they are messaging you from an unknown number or someone you know. You can also be contacted by them to inquire about a business.
  • This message gives you a sense that it is urgent to act fast. It may claim, for example, that your bank account was closed or that you have won a gift.
  • The scammer will then try to convince you to click on a link or to call a number to send an email or to respond.

How to tell if it’s a scam

  • This company isn’t going to deliver.
  • The text message is sent from an unusual or long phone number.
  • The link in the text may be obscured or not from an official PayPal website, Costco, USPS, UPS or FedEx website.

Tips To Avoid Being Scammed

  • Don’t click on the provided link
  • Never reply to emails

Have you received Unbounce Page PayPal Scam text? Do the Following!

It is a scam and you should immediately delete the message. Do not forget to notify your loved ones. If they have received such a message, they must respond to it.

You can also report unscrupulous websites or scams and tell us why the websites are fraudulent.