Readers have sent us mails about a giveaway for Toby Carvery drinks that went viral on Facebook. To claim your prize, you will only need to share and like the post.

This is very funny. This exact giveaway scam was used last year.

This review covers all you need to know regarding Toby Carvery’s giveaway on Facebook.

Facebook: The Truth About Toby Carvery Giveaway

This has happened many times. This has happened to Costco and Aldo. It also happened to bath&body and Wholefoods. And now, Toby Carvery. Scammers created all giveaway scams.

They’re simply trying to trick you into thinking. You won’t get anything no matter how many times the post is shared.

Toby Carvery Scam on Facebook

What is the secret to it?Image Showing The Toby Carvery Giveaway Post on Facebook

Like other scams, the drinks giveaway operates on a principle called “like farming”. The “engagement” part of this like-farming game refers to “engagement.” Facebook’s algorithm will push a post to newsfeeds if it gets more engagement in the form shares and likes. A post that is seen by many people will be more engaging if they are shared.

You would need to like and share the giveaway post to be able to claim your prize. Here is the trick.

You will be asked to enter your credit card details, email address and phone number when you register. All this information is required to confirm your address, according to the website. This is just BS!

The scammers behind this giveaway will attempt to hack into your bank account to steal your money and take your credit card details.

What does a Facebook scam giveaway do?

These are just a few of these Facebook scams:

  • Hijacked profiles
  • Collecting personal information such as birthdates, credit card details, and email addresses
  • Exposure of IP addresses, friends lists, and device information
  • Malware Exposure
  • Scamming you out money

It is best to file a report if you are contacted by such scammers.