Jen at Tobin Research sent you a text message asking for your assistance in a confidential survey. Don’t panic! This text message was received by thousands of people. We decided to answer your concerns.

What is Tobin Research?

Tobin Research seems to be a non-profit organization which deals with surveys. It isn’t a legitimate company, however. Tobin was created to make people believe it is connected to the Tobin Project. Many people were sent similar messages by Jen at Tobin Research, asking them to complete confidential surveys.

Many Americans are currently receiving the same text message in 2022. The survey and text message are only for Michigan residents. The survey website is

What happens if you take part in the survey?

These are the questions that will be asked in the survey:

Are you a Michigan resident? How do you feel Joe Biden handles his presidency? What do you think about the Michigan state legislature’s handling of their job in Lansing. etc.

They won’t ask for personal or identifying information. The questions are designed to collect false poll data. They want you to disagree.


Tobin Research Survey, also known as Tobin Study, is a suspicious survey that attempts false polling data.