A scam text claiming to be from TollRoads is constantly being sent. It directs you to a phishing site stating that TollRoads requires you to pay the bills. Beware! It’s a fraud.

Many people have been scammed by the TollRoads Scam Text. This scam text is created by fraudsters with the goal of defrauding and luring unsuspecting people. Many people have been scammed by this website.

This is the format of the text:

It must be dealt with immediately. Overdue Warning: TheTollRoads requires that you handle the bill via:

Tollroads Scam Text – How does this Scam work?

This is a scam call from fraudsters who want to defraud your account. It asks you to take it seriously. Overdue Warning: TheTollRoads requires that you pay the bill via: Beware! Be careful!

You are exposed to spywares, viruses, and malwares by clicking on the link. These can cause damage to your device and could hack or destroy your phone. Beware!

This scam text is so widespread that many people have left complaints online.

This text was sent to me yesterday, 10/7/22

I have never driven on a toll road, and my car wasn’t borrowed.

We are grateful


The TollRoads Text appears to be a scam. The text message is phishing and should be deleted immediately. Do not forget to notify your friends and family. They should not click.

You can also report unscrupulous websites, scams and other problems. We will ask you why you think the website is fraudulent.