NASM Certification: The National Academy of Sports Medicine is an organization that provides certified athletic and health-care professionals with evidence based education, training and certification. To become a personal trainer, it is a good idea to search the web for resources or to take a NASM practice exam. This will help you to get certified by National Academy of Sports Medicine.

John P. Brodie (an ex-NFL quarterback) founded the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 1982. It is dedicated to the education, certification, and advancement of the careers of coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapists and other health-care professionals. NASM offers education opportunities at introductory and advanced levels. This provides a foundation in both fitness science and athletic training that is essential for athletes (AT), physical therapists, and other professionals involved in the prevention and treatment of injuries from sport or exercise.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine has the primary purpose of promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise science and sports medicine. You can achieve this through continuing education courses, certifications, journals, and publications. The National Academy of Sports Medicine developed a system that allows for you to obtain a certification in certain areas, continuing education courses, and journals. The National Academy of Sports Medicine has certified many professional and collegiate athletes. The National Academy of Sports Medicine offers certification for professionals in sport and fitness management, pediatric exercise, and health care professionals.

Some trainers work at their clients’ homes, while others work in fitness centers or training centers. It can include training sessions via the phone, online programs or personal meetings.

NASM certification is only available to those who are at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma, or the equivalent. Although the NASM does NOT require prerequisite coursework, you may be eligible for some university or military courses or training in exercise science and kinesiology.

NASM certification is a two step process. The first step to professional certification involves passing 250 multiple-choice questions and writing a short essay on one of five topics. Second, you must complete at least 500 hours under the supervision of an NASM personal trainer. Online certification can be obtained by attending two conferences, completing 135 hours and passing the exam with a score of 80% or higher.

You must complete approved NASM training and pass a thorough written exam to be certified. The training lasts at most 40 hours. It includes an overview of anatomy, physiology, basic, advanced, and safe stretching techniques as well as how to create a program that is effective and safe. After passing the written exam, you can submit your application within 60-days to be certified by NASM.

You must earn 120 credits each year to maintain your NASM certification. You can earn credits by attending approved workshops, conferences, seminars, and by publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals.

According to industry experts, the number of personal trainers is expected to rise at a faster rate than average over the next few years. People are increasingly aware of the many benefits of fitness activities on the body and are interested in these jobs.