Tedinad makes it easy to buy outdoor furniture and equipment. Tedinad is known for providing top-quality service and quality products at an affordable price. This makes the web portal the hot topic in the United States.

Before you enter the portal and provide your private data, haven’t you checked its legitimacy? It is important to determine the legitimacy of the site as this will show how safe it is for users.

If you haven’t yet checked, let’s find out if the Tedinad Scam or Legit.

Analyzing site authenticity:

This section will let you know if the site is safe or not. We have highlighted some important aspects by checking the internal information.

  • Location authenticity: It can be identified on the map and is not a corporate address.
  • Domain ID Creation Date
  • Web Portal Name: This name is shown in the data.
  • Social Profiles: There is no information available right now.
  • Broken Links: It is impossible to detect non-clickable hyperlinks.
  • Review: The Tedinad.com Reviews are missing.
  • Trust Index: The index rate for Trust Index is 1 out 100.
  • Plagiarism is a form of plagiarism that is about 40%. However, there is a lot of common content (around 30%).
  • Payment Gateways: There are many options.
  • Skipped-pages: 1 page.
  • Operator Information: The operator is an online shop.
  • Missing Information: Contact number, cancellation and refund policy.

This data shows that the shop is not well-respected and has poor trust authority. We checked further and found the following details.

What’s the Tedinad Store?

This shop sells outdoor furniture and other sports gear. Tedinad Scam or Legit? There are multiple menu tabs on the site where they display their collections. It has a product category that includes ‘Water Sport’, ‘Collection’, Sports & Outdoor, ‘Hot’, and ‘Best Seller’. The hot and best-selling menu header, in addition to the tabs for product categories, highlights products that are popular or have been purchased widely.

You can find the details of each item on its webpage. The product description contains several photos and videos to make it easy for buyers to find the right item.


  • Shop’s URL: https://www.tedinad.com
  • Feedback: Tedinad.com Review.
  • Phone NUmber: This number could not be found on the site.
  • Email ID: support@tedinad.com
  • Corporate Address: 3044-Pleasant Ridge Road, Summerfield NC-27358 United States
  • Cancellation System: Details of the cancellation system couldn’t been found on the website.
  • Return process: Only products that are marked as returnable can be returned. The refunding process takes 30 days.
  • Shipping: This takes time and is visible only during the buying process.
  • Information about Charges: The final delivery cost is stated at the time of purchase.
  • Refund Procedure: This procedure is not available.
  • Tedinad Scam or Legit? It looks like a scam.
  • Exchange Policy: Return the product and place a new order.
  • Payment Options: American Express, Visa and PayPal. Maestro, Master Card.


  • There are many product catalogues available in the shop.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • It also comes with the ‘HTTPS” version.
  • Multiple payment systems.


  • Site trust rating is horrible.
  • There are no reviews.
  • The number of the phone is not visible.
  • It is not known if cancellations are possible or if there is a refund policy.
  • It is not known if international transportation is available.
  • Social media channels are not available.

Views of Users on “Tedinad Scam Or Legit”:

We did not find any comments on the site. This is why we’re mentioning it after thoroughly checking the product page and the site. Interestingly, reviews are not allowed on the site. The site was not reviewed on this site, but on another feedback portal.

It is also not present on social media, so it’s social connection seems very low, which is suspect. You can also check the steps to refund credit cards.

Final Verdict:

Is the Tedinad a Scam or Legit. This site is a fraud shop that has many flaws, including low trust-index, poor social connections, no reviews, social accounts, high plagiarism, and no social account.