Carlos Charlie Cojuangco (District representative for Tarlac) has died on 22 February 2022. Tarlac Rep Charlie Cojuangco was also the district representative for Negros Occidental 4th District in the Philippines. Charlie Cojuangco, the son of Eduardo Cojuangco, was once governor of Tarlac.

People in Tarlac mourn the loss of their leader who gained popularity in recent years. Carlos Cojuangco, 58, was still living with his wife, one of their children, and a child at the time of his death.

Who was Charlie Cojuangco,

Charlie Cojuangco was part of the Nationalist People’s Coalition. In 1992-1995, he ran in Pontevedra for the first time. Tarlac Rep Charlie Cojuangco was again elected to this position from 1995 to 1998. After two terms as a representative, he applied for a seat in Congress. Carlos Cojuangco was able to accomplish this feat and was elected to the House of Representatives in 1998. This seat was his first term as Negros Occidental 4th District’s district representative. He was elected the first district representative in Tarlac. Charlie Cojuangco was currently serving his second term in Tarlac as representative at the time of his passing.

Personal life of Tarlac Rep Charlie Cojuangco

Charlie Cojuangco was the child of Eduardo Cojuangco, Tarlac’s governor. At the time of his death, he was still living with his family. His wife, Claudia, and Jamie are part of his family. Because of their long-standing association, many people in his area began to mourn Charlie Carlos Cojuangco’s death.

People in politics, like Governor Susan Yap have stated that Carlos Cojuangco taught them the values of strength and caring for others. Mayor Cristy Angeles also paid tributes Tarlac Rep Charlie Cojuangco and said that the world had lost an amazing life.

Members of various local government units in the Philippines paid tribute to Charlie Carlos Cojuangco. Charlie Cojuangco had many connections at different levels. China Jocson, his wife, announced his death via Twitter. As Charlie and his father were both active in public life for many years, people are now visiting his grave. Charlie’s father Eduardo Cojuangco died in 2020.


Tarlac Rep Charles Cojuangco has had a very rich political life. Charlie Carlos Cojuangco’s family has been active in public life for many years. Charlie was the representative of the 1st District in Tarlac at the 18th Congress. The family is now getting emotional and another type of support from political leaders.

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