Are you still waiting for Sona to arrive? All residents of South Africa are finally done waiting. Because the President has now addressed his plan yesterday.

In his speech, the honorable President highlighted some of their achievements and challenges while making America a better place for all. We will now look at the Summary of Sona 2022 to see the highlights and what the future holds.

The annual event SONA, also known South Africa’s State of the Nation Address is where the President presents the country’s report. It generally begins with the joint session in Parliament.

Some prominent politicians, judges, and government officials will be attending the joint session. The address is also attended by the former President, Chief Justice and Diplomats of the Reserve Bank, as well as the Governor of that Bank.

SONA took place outside the Parliament for the first year. We are here to learn Sona2022 South Africa Summary. Let’s get started.

SONA 2022

Social compact programme:

This program focuses on economic recovery. It will assist in reducing unemployment, poverty, and inequality.

Legalizing Cannabis Market:

The country now understands that cannabis is more than just for smoking. We will be reviewing policies and this would help to create jobs through the hemp and cannabis industry.

Prioritize infrastructure:

Lack of basic infrastructure hinders the market, employment opportunities, and social services. We have therefore prioritized infrastructure projects to improve livelihood, particularly in energy, roads, and water management.

Seven private sector projects will receive R1.8 billion in investment.

Summary of Sona 2022 –

Applying for a new visa category:

The policy on immigration should be in line with the needs and skills of the economy. We plan to add new classes such as remote functioning Visas, startup Visas, and many more.

Enhance security structures:

We are sorry for what happened last July and we accept it. We are addressing the weaknesses immediately and strengthening the security.

The electricity crisis:

It is the biggest threat to our economic development and social progress. On the other hand, it can impact business activities. Sona President highlighted his concerns and the reasons it scares investors in President. Poor maintenance and aging power plants can also affect supply.

We have taken firm steps to address the shortfall quickly. Many new projects are also in the pipeline for energy generation.

Eskom has its own subsidiary. Unbundling will be completed by the end this year. We can also make this happen with renewable energy sources at affordable prices.


He also stressed the importance of Covid vaccination and relaxed lockdown laws. He encouraged residents to fight corruption and for equality. These are just a few highlights Summary of Sona 2022. The complete speech on Sona can be found here.

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