Are you a regular viewer of series? A new crime documentary based on real lives has been released. This documentary is based upon the life of Simon Leviev, a conman who is now well-known Worldwide.

The documentary will show you how he took advantage of women to become a millionaire. You will be curious about Simon Leviev’s Business Coach Website after watching this documentary. It is likely that you are thinking about his website and other things. Let’s learn more about this.

Simon Leviev: Who are you?

Simon Leviev is actually Shimon Hayut. He deviated from his name to deceive women by pretending to be a millionaire. He claimed that his father used to be a jewel merchant, and that he comes from a millionaire family.

He is a serial scammer and had gotten a total of 10,000,000 dollars from 3 women. His victims and preys were primarily obtained from the Tinder app for Simon Leviev. Tinder Swindler is the name of the series that is based on his life.

What is a Tinder Swindler and How Can You Help?

Tinder Swindler, a film about a fraud sequel or immoral documentary, revolves around the story of Simon Leviev. He needed to run his business and have a great lifestyle.

To accomplish this, he started to con women to gain wealth and make a living. On February 2, the sequel was released on Netflix.

All about Simon Leviev Coach Website HTML3_ –

Shimon Hayut cheated on several women and deceived them. To cheat the three women, Shimon Hayut had one goal: to gain wealth and start his own career site. This website was created to provide business guidance to different people.

He wanted to have a simple life and not be forced to work. He decided to start an online website that he could manage from his home. This was his excuse to trick the women. He was also penalized for his long-term participation in discriminatory practices.

What is Simon Leviev’s Website Business Coach Trending Like?

Simon’s actions were disgusting, but his documentary about the received much attention. He did nothing but cheat many women to fulfill his financial desires, according to the Netflix immoral documentary. To achieve his extraordinary lifestyle, he even created a treaty that was ratified and ratified.

This is why he was able to arrest such a large number of these women. To provide career guidance for other species, he needed to open the company website. He has done everything necessary to run his business and become a successful businessman.


Simon created the Simon Leviev Coach Website to provide business advice. This website didn’t help Simon gain popularity or respect. His wrongdoings made his name famous through the Netflix series. This is what you think. Please share.