Facebook scam pages claim Santorini Travel is offering a 7-night holiday for 4 to anyone who writes ‘Done Today’ in the comment section. Don’t fall for this! It’s all a scam! Santorini Travel has not conducted any competition.

How does it work?

Santorini Holidays Facebook Giveawa…

They want to increase the popularity of the Facebook page, so they ask you to share and comment on the giveaway post. The Facebook algorithm means that the more people share and comment on a post, the greater the chance it will appear on many people’s Facebook timelines.

This is what it looks like:

Are you done with the comments? Next is “Validation”. This is what happens.

Participation in a survey is required. This collects personal information. There is no holiday giveaway. You get nothing in return except spam messages and annoying pop-up notifications.

It’s a scam that entraps thousands every year, as this article shows.

How to spot fake giveaways and counterfeit pages on Facebook

These steps will help you protect yourself against social media scams

  • Is it too good to true? You can quickly Google the company that is offering the giveaway to find out if it is legitimate.
  • When was this page created? This information can be found in the ‘About’ section of the page. It’s a fake page if it’s less than six months.
  • Make sure to check the branding. Often, typographical errors can occur.


The Santorini Travel Facebook scam is a scam that tries to trick people into thinking they are participating in an online contest for a free vacation for four on Santorini Greece. This scam redirects users to dubious websites where people are tricked into submitting their personal information in a survey.