Online scammers use the website to obtain sensitive and personal information from potential victims. This is done by sending text messages that appear so convincing.

You could receive a letter claiming you have been chosen to receive a gift or good. In most cases, Service Shipment Confirmation for FDX Package.

Don’t click on the link in the body!

Below is what happens when you click the link and visit the site

  • You would be taken to a malicious site
  • You would be asked to fill out a survey on the website
  • Your personal information will be collected during the process
  • Then, you’d be asked to pay for the shipping of your free gifts

This is exactly how the scam works.

What should you do if you receive phishing texts like this?

No matter how convincing the message/mails may sound, you should not click on any of the links or send any personal information.

You should first ignore these messages and search online for reviews.