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Shooter games are becoming more popular and more people from the United States, Canadathe United Kingdom and Australia enjoy playing this type game. Ror2 stands for Risk of Rain2, and can be played with one or four players.

Below is detailed information about how and where you can play the Planetarium.

What does Risk of Rain2 mean?

Hopoo Games makes Ror2, and Gearbox Publishing helps to transport it. It’s a third-person shooter game. The game allows players to play as a single player or in a team of four. There are several stages, such as Xbox One, Stadia, and PlayStation.

After the March trailer impression, Ror2 is now well-known.

Honors can be obtained by killing the beast paraiahs. The adversaries are protected by following these goals.

Let’s look at Railgunner Ro2 Wiki.

Railgunner can be played in Risk of Rain 2 and is an additional growth in the Survivors of the universe.

Railgunner is not able to receive random critical strikes, unlike other Survivors. Railgunner is more likely to strike adversaries’ weak points with fault-finding strikes. Her fault-finding effect chance increases the damage she inflicts.

The Railgunner is a deadly and skilled gunman. She fights with her M99 Sniper using innovative homing rounds along with powerful penetrating shot that gives her remarkable complete damage output.

A few additional points are added for Ror2 Planetarium

The Planetarium was discovered to be a portal of purple colour that you can see through teleporters. It is easy to locate by the glowing purple sphere. To unlock it you must go to the higher level. There you will find a portal to the void.

Railgunner has an ingenious look. The suit is coated with an inky stone. This cliff tower deals huge damage with each shot. Railgunners will love the Ocular HUD. Railgunner offers the option of flying by purchasing 8 soldier syringes as well as 2 Mochas during shooting.

How to Play Ror2 Planetarium ?

  • First, the teleporter has been found.
  • It is then activated.
  • You can be a part of the punching competition and charge it to defeat the boss.
  • Repeat activating it to send the beam to a new area
  • Repeat.

You can easily get to the slug inferno zone by following your position or sufficient time. You must search for endures to gain more power.

You can then harvest gold from your enemies, and open chests to find items. After the player has obtained the required items, activate the teleporter to charge it and kill the boss. The boss item is now grabbed and taken to the next stage.


Ror2 Planetariumis analyzed and found that it is similar to playing Risk of Rain 2 with new renovations. The game has 14 playable survivors which draws players to this type. It requires the implementation of Void DLC.

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