Around the world, the festival of Ratha Saptami is celebrated with great enthusiasm, especially in the United States. The Ratha Saptami in Usa was celebrated with greater excitement and more wishes.

This festival is celebrated by Hindus in the US. Many Americans also celebrate Lord Surya’s birthday. Many temples are dedicated to Lord Surya in the US. People flock here in large numbers to worship God Surya.

The Festival of Ratha Saptami

The Ratha Saptami festival, which is held in the Hindu month Magh (usually January or February), is celebrated. Surya Bhagwan is the festival’s patron. Hindus hold the festival in high regard as the Sun god is worshipped by both Ratha Saptami2022 in Usa devotees.

Surya Bhagwan, a deity that can be seen by naked eyes, is visible to all humans. You can see and feel the sun’s rays. You can also pay tributes to Him. According to Hindu tradition, worshipping nature is vital as it is responsible for much of the survival of humankind on this planet.

This festival marks the anniversary of Lord Surya’s birth. Surya, one of the few Hindu deities mentioned in Vedas, holds a special place within Hindu culture and civilization.

The Significance Ratha saptami 2022 in Usa

There are many devotees to Lord Surya in the United States as well as other countries around the world. Some people celebrate Ratha Saptami in states such as California. According to tradition, Surya Dev was the child of Kashyap Rishi (and his wife Aditi). It is Lord Surya’s birth anniversary.

The devotees bathe in the morning, especially at sunrise, on this day. They then worship Surya Dev through chanting mantras and reading scriptures that are dedicated to him. On Ratha saptami 2022 in Usa devotees must also perform water or Jala(Arghya),to Sun god.

The name ‘Ratha” is derived form the Sun God’s chariot, which is driven and controlled by Lord Aruna, his half-brother. Twelve wheels on Lord Surya’s chariot represent the twelve zodiac signs. Seven horses are depicted in seven colors of rainbow. The festival has a geographic significance as it occurs at a time of seasonal change. Farmers look to it for their harvest.


Ratha Saptami, a festival dedicated to Lord Surya, is celebrated all over the globe. It was celebrated with great joy and satisfaction by devotees.

This article explains the significance of the festival, its history and the cultural, civilized, and geographic connections that are made to it. For more information, please see Ratha Saptami 2020 Date & Timing: Surya Puja’s significance on this day.

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