Social media has been a place where many people started their careers. Not only are humans attracted to social media, but animals as well. Pot Roast is a popular dish. This cat has received so much love from Canada and United Kingdom.

This article is about Pot Roast Tiktok Cat died and the circumstances surrounding this event. This article will give you all the information you need about how and why she became viral.

About Pot Roast

Pot Roast is a viral video of a Kansas city-based pet cat. The video of the owner’s cat during the lockdown in December 2020 was shared by her and received over a million views. It went viral across the globe. The owner explained Pot Roast in a May 2021 video. It’s a special dish that is only served on special occasions.

Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died

According to reports, news spread all over the world about the viral cat’s death. In a video, her owner confirmed the fact. She posted a video to her Instagram and TikTok channels (@potroastsmom). She wrote about Pot Roast, and she said that she died in her arms at 11:47 on Wednesday. Although she was fighting through her illness, she finally gave up. For all the people who loved her videos, it was heartbreaking news. Pot Roast was close to reaching her one millionth video, but she stopped the journey.

Pot Roast Tiktok cat died The owner and her pet shared a special bond, which she is grateful for every moment. FIV, which attacks cats’ immunity, was unfortunately diagnosed to the cat. The virus had spread to her bone-marrow, according to her owner.

Pot Roast’s Acceptance

According to The Pitch, Pot Roast was adopted in 2014 by Missouri Shelter. She was in her sophomore college year. She used her two-hours of valuable time while attending an event on campus. This event was designed to relieve stress among final-year students. She felt a special connection with the cat.

Pot Roast Tiktok cat died: The owner stated that she drove to the shelter with her friend, where the cat was kept. The cat was adopted immediately by the owner without any thought and she is now her home. In no time, the cat and her owner became close friends.


After wrapping up our content, it became clear that the cat was not far from her owner and that the incident had caused her grief. She has brought smiles on many people’s faces. She was a popular animal on the internet. To learn more about Pot Roast , please visit this link .