Do you want to take birthday photos? Would it be possible to look at the photos from the day you were born? Is that even possible? What should you do? It can be shared on social media. Yes, exactly!

This trend is now Worldwide on social networks by sharing photos of space views taken by NASA! What is this all about? For more information, please read our post Photo That Nasa Took on My Birthday.

What’s the Hubble Telescope?

NASA launched Hubble in 1990. It captures stunning images of the space world and galaxy through this telescope. It also captures photos of the death and rebirth of any new space objects, including planets, comets, planets, as well as images of fallen stars.

The telescope measures approximately the same length as a school bus, and it weighs in at about two elephants. It was named after Edwin P Hubble an astronomer who made important universe discoveries in the early nineties.

Are you ready to explore What photo did Nasa take on my birthday? Stay with us until the end to find out!

What’s APOD?

This website shows NASA’s different works through photos taken at different times. A brief description of the image is also included to help you understand it. The astronauts helped with this description. Astronomy Picture Of The Day is the acronym.

What do you know about photos NASA took on your birthdays?

There are two ways to know it. The Hubble Archive, which we have already discussed, is one way to find it. Another is Astronomy Photo Of The Day Calendar.

Way 1 – Steps to view The Picture That Nasa Taken On My Birthday :

  • Google provides the APOD website.
  • You will find a list with links arranged by date.
  • Dates are however arranged from present to past.
  • Scroll down until you get to your birth date.
  • Click to see the NASA picture taken on your birth date.

Step 2: Steps to Follow According to Hubble:

  • Visit NASA’s website.
  • Choose the month and date of your birth.
  • Submit the image.
  • The exact same space image Hubble sees will be provided to you on your birth date.

What Photo Did Nasa Take On My Birthday?

These photos are part of the history!

NASA employees took the initiative for its 30th anniversary. NASA shared photos throughout the year, which Hubble initiated, on its 30th anniversary.

Hubble is an astronomer who explores the universe round the clock. It is possible to obtain images of the space views for each date.

It is also useful for people looking for photos of their birth dates. Unfortunately, the archive doesn’t include images from before 1995.


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