This review will help you make an informed decision regarding emails and text messages such as this Parcelforce scam.

We hope you find this review helpful and timely. Parcel Redelivery text – How True is This?

We are receiving mails from readers containing screenshots of text messages sent by an unknown number. The message claims that a parcel was lost and that they need to visit a suspicious website in order to redeliver it.

This message is as follows:

From: 447771455934ParcelForce: sorry we missed you earlier, we have your parcel, to book a redelivery please visit hxxps://

This may seem so convincing that you might think your parcel will not arrive on time due to these circumstances. Hey! You don’t have to be afraid or visit the link. This review will show you how the scam works.

Parcel Redelivery text Linked to – Another Scam does not represent the actual ParcelForce express parcel carrier website. The website has also been rated low by scam detectors. It detected high-risk activity such as spamming, phishing, and other factors that are relevant to the Shipping & Logistics sector.

These numbers are used by the fraudsters behind phishing mail:










How does work?

You will be asked to pay for redelivery if you click the link in the text message. This is a warning sign. ParcelForce is a legitimate company and does not charge a fee for redelivery.

The scammers will take all your money from your credit card account if you give them your card details in order to charge the PS1.80 redelivery fee.

This is exactly how the scam works!

Many people have testified to the fact they were charged more than the shipping fees and didn’t receive any parcels.

Joshua Turner speaks out about the message.

I was expecting a package so the text didn’t seem strange to me. Before I realized it was a scam, I had already given my card details. Before I could report it to my credit card company, I was charged PS100 -YouTube

What should you do if you receive emails or messages similar to this?

We advise against sending money or personal data to strangers, no matter how convincing they may sound. Instead, go online and search for reviews.

If you have any questions about similar mails, please send us an email!

Phishing scams are increasing daily. We’ve been able fish similar phishing scams such as EireVerify scam, Svieducation scam and Vince Camuto email fraud, NYSDOL scam and USPS scam to name a few.