Did you see the O2 warning they gave to customers? Many people from the United Kingdom, and other countries are curious why O2 has suddenly issued a warning about the scam messages. You should know about the O2 billing text scam if you don’t have an idea. Many people are not aware of this scam and want to know how to avoid it. This article will provide all of the relevant and important information regarding the O2 Billing scam.

What’s the fuss about O2 text scams?

Many people are being sent suspicious text from O2 and O2 has confirmed that it is an O2 billing text scam. O2 also warned them to not follow the steps in the scam text.

What did O2 say about the scam?

O2 sent a warning to customers and told them not to click on any links that were sent to their emails or numbers. Anyone who believes they have been sent a scam SMS should immediately report it to O2 so that O2 can delete the message. O2 asked for the O2 billing text scam to be sent to 7726 so O2 can track down the scam text.

How do you know if O2 text is fake or authentic?

  • You can verify if the mail you received is from the official website.
  • You should verify a text message you received is from the company number.
  • Pay attention to the O2! Scammers sometimes substitute zero for O.
  • They may request sensitive data.

What O2 Buying Text Scam Says?

O2 Scam text asks customers to update their payment details. A message claims that customer billing details are wrong and that they need to click the link to rectify it.


This article will provide information on the O2 scam text messages and the warning signs. For more information about the O2 billing scam, click here

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