You may have received an email claiming that you had sent $799.99 USD to Nova Armory Inc. Beware! It’s a scam. It is not from the Nova Armory, a company located in Arlington that specializes in accessories and defense firearms.

More than 21,000 people have complained about Nova Armory Email Invoices claiming they have sent $799 or $899 or $999.

The following phone numbers have been used so far in the

  • +1 801 753 9482
  • 1 -844 -562 -0611
  • 1800-890-3411
  • 1 202-580-8642

How can you tell if it’s a scam?

First, the email address is a dead giveaway. The email address is malicious and not from the alleged business. Email used include;,,, etc.

We tried to contact the phone numbers but the receiver didn’t speak English and demanded money. We find it funny that the fake Nova Armory PayPal invoice recipients don’t own high-end sporting equipment or fire arms. It’s impossible for Nova Armory Inc to send such a Payment Invoice.

What should you do if you receive spam emails like this?

We advise against calling the number, clicking the link or trying to send a message. They will try to convince you to send them money or personal information if you do this.

For assistance if you have been tricked by this scam, please contact the bank.