Are you aware about the latest Facebook scam concerning your profile picture? We will provide all the details in this post if you are not. There is a new report on the internet that describes a scam that creates amazing cartoons of your profile picture on Facebook. The app was downloaded by many people from the United States as well as the United Kingdom and Australia. In this article, we will discuss New Profile pic App Scam .

What is the latest trend in news?

As soon as the app launched with artificial intelligence, which enhances photos of users on Facebook, the news became a trending topic. Soon after its launch, the app was branded a fraud because it was tied to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The app was created by a Moscow-based company. In a similar manner, the Russian Government also has its operations from Moscow. The app was deemed a trap by Russia’s link to steal all sensitive information.

Here are some points to consider about New Profile Pic. Com

Facebook’s new profile picture was created to allow users to switch from their real profile pictures to a cartoon-like form. Many users loved the app and have downloaded it and started using it in the best way possible. Informe Laboratories Inc. is located in Moscow and launched the app. It is believed that they have close ties to the Russian Government. Let’s hear what people think about this new profile pic app.

Viewpoint New Profile Pic Scam on Google

We can confirm that this app is in a suspect category due to all the social media scams. One user shared a screenshot stating that the app could leak sensitive information about the conflict in Moscow. Another user said that the app looked fake and suggested that it should not be downloaded as it could leak sensitive information about the war in Moscow.

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Final End

The new app is causing havoc with users and many are afraid to install it. Users are advised to delete the app and, if provided with the information, to change their passwords as soon possible. What are your thoughts on this latest scam? Are you familiar with the App in Play Store. Please leave your comments below.