Are you a fan of mind-sharpening video games? Are they able to quickly fix problems? The Nerdle game, one of the most popular online games, has an additive feature that draws players.

People from Canada and Australia have been keeping an eye on the new rules updates.

This game is also very popular in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States.

This article will provide information about the Nerdle Game Rules.

What’s the Nerdle Game?

Nerdle proposes an everyday math game. It is better to substitute letters and words for digits or equations.

This game will test your math and arithmetic skills.

The web-based game is free and offers six chances for players to solve the word puzzle.

You can play the game as a wordle with 8 digits per row. By using arithmetic symbols such “-“,, etc., you can create a complete chain to solve your puzzle.

What is Nerdle rules ?

  • Eight blocks contain numbers that are placed in random order. Later, they must be rearranged in the correct sequence.
  • The puzzle begins, and when the correct digit is on the square, the color changes to green.
  • It turns purple if the number in the equation is wrongly placed. It turns black when an outside-of-the box digit is used.
  • Similar to word puzzle games, the game shares a puzzle every 24-hours.
  • Nerdle Game allows you to solve puzzles from previous days.

Nerdle Game Rules

  • Although the game is easy to learn, you should have sufficient mathematical skills to be able to quickly command arithmetic equations.
  • This box is similar to Wordle and allows you to fill in numbers up until 0-9.
  • The player is at risk of guessing and filling the appropriate character in each column.
  • You can also look at the changing colors within each column to get a hint.
  • Once you’ve filled in each column, your game is complete.

To be able to play web-based games, you must use proper etiquette and follow the rules.

We hope you now know the Nerdle Rules.

Tips for solving the game:

  • Get game layout and hints.
  • When you find the levels below easy, level up
  • Find the most difficult option in the game.


The game was invented by Richard Mann, a data scientist. While talking to his teenage daughter, who is a math lover, the idea popped into his head.

The game is said to have been created especially for math lovers. Mann’s son assisted him in the fast calculations. Mann’s colleagues helped him launch the game.

Are you a Nerdle player? How long have you been playing Nerdle according to the Nerdle Game Rules. Please leave your comments below.