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In many countries, Lost Ark is a popular online game. This includes Germany and Poland. It also has the United States. We will be sharing details about Lost Ark Totopia Island token, which is a collectable for the game.

Introduction to

Lost Ark is an online multiplayer game. It’s a joint venture between Smilegate RPG, Tripod Studio and Tripod Studio. This game is a combination of action and fantasy, as well as role-play. Before they can enter the game, players have the option to customize their characters. The storyline is action-oriented. For new players, the game’s features are simple to understand.

It was launched in South Korea for the first time in 2019, and has won numerous gaming awards. We found out that the game’s development budget was $85.4million by doing a search for Lost Ark Totopia Island Token. The game was released in Europe on February 11th, but it also made it to America within 24 hours. It has become the second most-played game in the world.

About Totopia Token

The Lost Ark game has island tokens, which are unique collectables that can only be found on islands. According to the details, this game has more than 100 islands and 91 of these hold tokens. Each island is assigned a token. Totopia is an island that has Lost Ark Totopia Islands Token available for players.

These tokens are extremely important in this game. These tokens are primarily used to boost your character. Your character can be levelled by using the token. This token can only be obtained by completing various tasks or overcoming challenges.

However, the tokens can be found on the map so make sure you know where they are before you start your quest to find them. To win the quest, you will need to compete against other players. Continue reading to learn how to get the token you are looking for.

How to Collect Lost Ark Toopia Island Token

  • Locate the island and the token first
  • To get your boat to travel to another island, activate the sailing mechanic
  • You must make great discoveries after you reach Totopia
  • Five times complete the quest “Totopia Tutor For A Day”
  • You will then have to face “Her Name”
  • The last challenge is “The Case of the Missing Totopian”.

You will receive the token from Lost Ark after beating all players to complete all quests.


You will receive additional rewards for acquiring this token, such as rare pouches and gold or silver coins. Lost Ark Totopian Islands Token is an important mission in the game. We welcome your comments and suggestions.