Local Depot 27 Scam Text is a new type of scam that has recently been in the news. The scam text claims it is from the UK Post Office and includes a link to local depot27.com. Jamie attempted to deliver your parcel today but no one was there, so you need to schedule another date.

This is the text message:

“Jamie attempted to deliver your parcel today but no one was there. You can schedule a new date by clicking “

Although it appears to be harmless, this text message is not from a reliable source. This text message falls under a type of scam known as Phishing scam

Local-Depot27.com Scam Post Office Website

Local-depot27.com has been identified as a malicious website. It’s not the official United States Postal Service website. It takes you to a portal where you can be tricked into paying a PS1.45 delivery fee. Here is where the scam begins. Your credit card number and security code will be requested. It will be used against your.


You can make unlimited debits to your credit card.

What should you do if you receive phishing text messages like this?

  • Do NOT open it. Sometimes, opening phishing emails can compromise your Personally Identifiable Information.
  • To prevent you from opening it inadvertently in the future,
  • Don’t download any attachments with the message.
  • Do not click any links in the message. Phishing messages contain links that direct you to fraudulent websites.
  • Do NOT reply to the senter. Do not respond to any messages that may be sent by the sender.
  • Report it. Help others avoid phishing attempts

If you have information regarding the Local Depot GB scam text please leave a comment below.