Did you get a text message from LennoxTravel claiming you won a cruise package to the Bahamas? Is this a scam or legitimate? This review will tell you everything.

Lennox Travel: What Is It?

This travel program offers vacation cruises to the Bahamas. After they have won a raffle, often the program gives them a ‘free cruise vacation package’. There are some issues with LennoxTravel and it travel packages.

First, the “free cruise” is not completely free. An admin fee of $19 per person is required. You also get 2 free days on a cruise. In reality, however, none of the cruises last more than two days. Some cruises last six to seven days. The extra 4 days will cost you an additional fee.

These are the facts you need to know about The Lennox Travel Bahamas Cruise Package

  • All travel expenses, including transportation, are your responsibility.
  • You are declared a winner by simply filling out this entry card.
  • While you might be able to get a few nights free at a resort resort, there will be additional costs that can make it as expensive as regular resorts.

Is Lennox Travel Bahamas a Scam?

It is not a scam. It is a very effective sales strategy. The Bahamas cruise vacation package does not come at no cost. There is an admin fee of $19 per person and other fees. It is the same price as any other resort vacation package.

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