Do you want to shop at Jessroom Are you curious to find out if has a safe shopping experience? What are the customer’s experiences with shopping online at This detailed Jessroom review will help you decide! This review provides an overview of the store’s operation and what you can expect. also known as Jessroom and Jessroom, is an online shop that sells a variety of items such as a female necklace, bracelet or pet clothes. The store is popular for its current discounts. Unfortunately, the website’s offers are not authentic. We discovered that the site has some drawbacks that should not be ignored.

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Things to Know Before You Shop at

It’s owned by a not so good company

Top Lifestyle Ltd, whose online reputation is poor, owns and operates Jessroom. It is associated with many untrustworthy online shops like Sunhanie, MODLilystyle etc.

Most people mistakenly believe that any store claiming to be located in the UK can be legitimate. These companies were most likely registered at the UK Companies House, which makes it easy to register a business. A pseudo identity, $5 and a virtual address that you can rent from virtual addresses service providers are all required.

Top Lifestyle Limited does not actually exist in England. As most reviews on the internet indicate, these products are from China.

There is no customer support on the website

It is not functional. There is also no phone number. It was impossible to reach the customer agent.

Ridiculous Discount

Jessroom sells items at too high a price to be true. Even on sale, the discount margin is unrealistically large. This store uses the low price to attract customers. This discount is not possible in a legitimate store.

Inadequacy of security measures:

The website isn’t secure and it’s not protected with McAfee. Hackers can access financial and personal information of customers through the website.

Is A Scam Or Legit? is clearly not a trustworthy or legit online store. We have seen customer complaints and drawbacks. It uses low prices to lure customers and keep them on their guard, just like many fraudulent e-commerce shops. The end result of placing orders is not satisfactory.

Is it safe to use PayPal to make a purchase from

No, you’re not. These days, PayPal is not able to guarantee a prompt refund.

These stores take advantage of a serious problem with PayPal’s system. After you have purchased the item, they send you a tracking number. This tracking number is not related to you or your item. PayPal considers this a complete transaction that is almost impossible to dispute.

You can’t be sure that Paypal won’t scam you. It is important to be prepared for any situation and be savvy.

Jessroom Scam: 4 Things to Expect When You Shop from This Store

Gazintee offers the following formats, in addition to the standard debited, but not package delivery.

1 – Bait & Switch Scam

This scam is very common on websites based in China. Customers could receive completely different items in terms of size, quality, and color. Due to the increase in fast fashion, this is most common on clothing websites. There have been a few scams like Holicrally and Tenfendy. Ninelegent is another example.

2 – Scam on Cheap Items

Some customers might be sent cheap outfits for their children, especially if the store offers huge discounts.

3 – Scam VIP Membership

This means that once you place an order through the website, you are automatically signed up for a VIP Club membership without your knowledge. A VIP membership will be charged monthly, which is a strange practice. This format is used on websites such as Xemsy and OscarFineries.

4 – Hacked Credit Card

When you shop at this store, there is a chance that your debit or credit card could be at risk. This means that your credit or debit card could be charged for items you haven’t purchased, or that the store might overcharge you. This type of scam is very common. This is a common scam. Your credit card could even be hacked on trusted websites from an outsider, such as Valore London Scam.

How to Easily Spot a Fraud Website

Verify the Domain Age – How old is your website? You can check the domain age by visiting

Physical location – Does the website have a return address? If yes, copy the address and paste it on your browser. Google Map will show you if the address is a warehouse address or residential address.

Review – Do you have customer reviews? If there aren’t any customer reviews, it is best to wait. If you don’t have the patience to wait, you can still send us a mail to confirm that the store is legitimate.

Social Media Presence – Does the icon work for social media? Many fraudulent websites offer social media buttons, but they don’t work. You should verify that the buttons actually take you to the store’s social media page.


Jessroom, located at, is an online scam that lures customers with cheap tools. Don’t be fooled by the discount! We don’t recommend this store because it failed to pass our authenticity tests.

Are you being scammed?

Customers are at risk of having their credit cards stolen and being overcharged for shopping in this store. Customers could also be offered a lower quality item, a cheaper alternative, or nothing.

It is advisable to complain to your bank and request a new credit or debit card. You should also document (screenshots) transactions that you made using Paypal for payment.

It is true that online shopping has made our lives easier. However, the following are some things to consider when ordering online.

Is the website old? Is there a return address? Do customers leave reviews online? Are the social media icons effective?