A text message titled “Hello [firstname]” was sent to you. The central warehouse has taken the item fdx-17058798854 into custody. This link will take you to the correct place. This review will help you make an informed decision regarding emails and text messages such as this Pending Delivery FedEx Text.

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FedEx Item Detained pending Delivery – Any Similar?

We are receiving mails from readers containing screenshots of text messages, claiming that their items were detained at the central warehouse ?.

This is the text message.

Hello [firstname], the item fdx-17058798854 has been detained at the central storage. This link will take you to the place where you can get your item.


This may look very convincing, especially if someone is expecting a package. Hey! Beware! The FedEx text scam is back. This review will show you how the scam works.

FedEx Item Retained at Central Warehouse by FedEx – Another Scam!

Scammers are sending the text messages to potential victims. They are tricked into believing that they have a package in their hands.

But, if you click the link in the text, you will see a Fake FedEx website where you’ll have to pay $2 shipping fees.FedEx Text Scam – Item Detained Pending Delivery at Central Warehouse (Fake Website)

We contacted the FedEx company to confirm that they had nothing to do the website.

How does this FedEx Text Scam work?

The scammers will ask for your credit card information and demand that you pay the sum requested.

Here is the problem: instead of paying a $2 fee for this service, various amounts will be taken from your bank account.

You can’t get any further deductions because you gave your personal information and credit card number to these fraudsters.

What should you do if you receive emails like this?

We advise against sending money or personal information to anyone who claims to be a winner of a lottery, or to claim that you have a packageage.