Sparkstir is a brand you may have heard of. is a marketplace for creative and innovative products. Sparkstir facts are verified. Continue reading to find out the truth about Sparkstir.

Online shopping has been a huge hit worldwide, particularly in countries such as the United States or Canada. Multiple new online shopping portals have been created to cater for the growing popularity of online shopping. Today, I’ll be discussing Sparkstir and Is Sparkstir Legit .

Is Sparkstir A Legitimate Portal?

  • Creation date:Sparkstir will begin its work on the 28th of May 2022. If we look at the time it takes for the website to function on the internet, we see that it only took 1 month and a few weeks.
  • Expiration date:Sparkstir will cease to be a portal as of 28 May 2023. This portal’s action is therefore very limited in its validity.
  • Trust ScoreSparkstir has a 1% trust score
  • Trust Index27.8 is the trust index that this online platform has received.
  • Sparkstir ReviewsAvailable
  • Alexa RankingSparkstir has ascended to 7050856 ranks on Alexa.
  • Spam ScoreSparkstir receives 24 points out 100.
  • Threat ScoreSparkstir receives 65 points out 100.
  • Phishing ScoreSparkstir receives 48 points out 100.
  • Malware ScoreSparkstir receives 65 out of 100 ratings in this.

Note The information on Sparkstir’s website has been verified and well researched. It was taken from a trusted source. These facts are true and accurate, we can assure you. Let’s learn more about Sparkstir online platform to better understand Is Sparkstir Legit.

About the Portal, Sparkstir

Sparkstir, an online marketplace that sells products such as

  • Tank tops
  • Simple Vast
  • Casual Women’s Shirt
  • Pendants
  • Innerwear
  • Facemask with Cold Proof Caps
  • Key chains
  • Necklace
  • Necklace for the heart
  • Bracelet
  • Wallet card
  • Bangles
  • Leather Style Bracelet
  • Gifts for best friends
  • Funny gifts
  • Astronaut earrings
  • Bracelets for sisters
  • Earrings with snake eyes
  • Frog Earrings
  • Earrings with flowers
  • Earrings made of crystal
  • Pearl earrings
  • Moon earrings

These are the items you will get when you join Sparkstir. com. Let’s look at some details to better understand .

Specific Information

  • Domain TypeSparkstir offers multiple products related to clothes, accessories and household stuff.
  • Domain Address:
  • Email Id:
  • Contact Address: 1st Floor Of Beaconsfield Msam40 Junction 2, Beaconsfield A355 Windsor Drive in Beaconsfield
  • Contact Number:+447723598988
  • Return Policy:Customers have two options to return products they received. The first case is when the product received is defective. The second is when the buyer receives a completely different product.
  • Shipping Policy The shipping cost depends on the item and the address.
  • Payment Options:PayPal. Visa, American Express. Mastercard. Diners Club. Discover.

Pros We Get From Our Research On Is Sparkstir Legit

  • Sparkstir’s HTTP protocol is authentic. This is why customers can share their details with this domain.
  • Real IP address.
  • Sparkstir has been certified by SSL
  • Sparkstir also received validation from WOT
  • Sparkstir has received positive reviews.
  • Portal has a great design.
  • Sparkstir is made of the best technology.


  • Sparkstir’s trust score is very low
  • Sparkstir’s trust index is also very low.
  • Alexa ranks Sparkstir at 7 million.

Sparkstir Reviews

We noticed that Sparkstir has very few products with excellent reviews. We see a high rating for items that have received positive reviews. The items are being highly praised by customers.

The reviews, especially the positive ones, play a significant role in identifying authenticity of the portal. Sparkstir can be trusted by reading reviews. com. Refer to this article to get your money back from PayPal Scams.

Final Verdict

We found interesting information about Sparkstir while researching Is Sparkstir Legit. com. We hope that our readers will be satisfied after purchasing from this site after reviewing the reviews and assessing the facts.