Everyone loves surprises. What could be better than an online mystery box? This online store has a unique idea of selling items in a single box, without customers knowing what’s inside. This website is also considering selling items in the United States.

Viewers are eager to see the details of this website and are encouraged to visit Is Lostloots department for clarifications.

Is Lostloots an actual online site?

Lostloots sells items online from various sellers at a lower cost in a large 14×14 box. You can find books, kitchen appliances and jewelry in the box. Each box also contains a surprise gift. These points can help you determine the legitimacy of the website.

  • Domain age – This domain was created on 16/09/2021.
  • Trust score – The trust rating of the website is 2%.
  • Review- There have been positive Lostloots reviews.
  • Alexa Rank – The global rank for Alexa is 3001366.
  • Plagiarized content- We can only comment after we have purchased the products.
  • Originality of the address – It is difficult to identify the originator if there aren’t enough details.
  • We will be using social media links to guide us to the stock supply.
  • Unrealistic Discounts – Available
  • Information about the owner – There is no information.

Although there are some positive reviews, the website looks suspicious. We cannot trust the products. We aren’t sure what products we will get from the mystery box. You can find the Is Lostloots Legal information at

Details regarding Lostloots

The Lostloots are now selling mystery items in boxes that can contain books, clothes, shoes or other accessories. They are a wholesale supplier of goods, where they purchase the items and then resell them as different packaging. Although the concept is new and attractive, it is not trusted.

Specifications for the website

  • Domain age – This domain was created on 16/09/2021.
  • URL- https://lostloots.com/
  • Social media icons- Facebook, Instagram and links to Instagram are listed that show Are Lostloots or not
  • Category: Footwear, Clothes and other exciting items in a mystery package
  • Email – We cannot find any email address.
  • Address – There is no address listed.
  • No Return Policy – The website does not have a return policy.
  • Refund Policy – The company doesn’t allow any refunds.
  • Payment methods: All credit and debit cards accepted.
  • Shipping and Delivery Policy – Shipment is made within 7-14 days.

The website: Pros and Cons

  • All items are sold in 14×14 boxes that include surprising elements and a surprise gift.
  • These products could include jewelry, kitchen appliances, and other items.

Cons: Are you a lostloot , or a fraud?

  • Unfortunately, the website has a low trust score and we are unable to trust the products it sells.
  • All sales are final and there is no return or refund policy.
  • Buyers will not be able to access the information if they do not have the email address or contact details.

Customer Reviews

We have not seen genuine reviews about the products on the website. Many new websites have been launched. This has left the United KingdomCanada wondering if the products sold are authentic. Website traffic has decreased by a lack of genuine Lostloots Review, which in turn has affected the number of buyers.

The buyers will be able to read and see all that is included under jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, pendants and so on. How To Get Refund From PayPal is recommended to buyers.

Final Thought

Although many websites attempt to introduce new concepts every day of the week, authenticity is the most important factor. Although we tried to capture all details possible, the website doesn’t provide enough information. Customers are advised to keep a safe distance from the website Is Lostloots segment. The buyers are encouraged to also read How to Get a Full Refund from Credit Card and leave a comment below.