Are you getting calls or voicemails from KBS Collect regarding a debt? Don’t Panic! There are hundreds of people who have done it. reported This annoying message, voice and phone call from is causing you to receive text messages, phone calls, and text messages. This review will help you to decide what you should do.

KBS Collect: What is It?

KBS Collect aka KBS Collection, located at, is a debt collection firm that allegedly assists people in settling their debts. They claim they can collect debt on behalf of both individuals and corporations. Many people complain of being wrongly accused of owing money. Many people receive threatening messages and phone calls.

Sometimes, the caller calls himself Philip.

Is KBS Collect a sham debt collector?

It is difficult to say whether KBS Collect is a scam or legit. Reviews and complaints on the internet point out that the company is shady. The website doesn’t provide any information about the company or where they are located. The website also shares the same operating model with a California-based debt collection company, ASG Recovery. This company has been fined and told to cease and desist., a domain-checker tool, shows that the website ‘ was registered on July 20,22. This indicates that KBS Collect is either a new business or an offshoot from ASG Recovers. Check out what investigative reporters have to say., or KBS Collect, is the latest scam collection company for debt collection. It was previously known as ASG Recovers or Smith Gregory. Total frauds. They should be reported to the FTC. They use 325-399-765, 205-660-0180 312-667-22828 205-583-76909 205-656-1162 or any other number to contact them via robocall.t


You can find more complaints on ScamPulse.

Have you received a call or voicemail from KBS Collect Do This

You should follow these steps if you have received a call from Philip, Christopher, or text message from KBS Collect:

  • If you owe the company, find out if the loan amount corresponds to what you owe.
  • If you are aware that you owe the amount, contact the original loan provider to negotiate a payment plan.
  • KBS Collect should not be contacted if you haven’t heard of the company you owe.
  • You can either submit a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, or contact your state attorney general.

How to spot a scam debt collector in 2022

Here are some ways to tell the difference between a legitimate debt collector and one that is phony.

  • They will withhold your information
  • You are pressured to pay with a money transfer or card
  • Threatens to put you in jail
  • They don’t know what debt you owe.
  • You are called at inconvenient hours


KBS Collect, as all evidence suggests, is not a legitimate debt collector. Many people have reported being threatened by calls and voicemails about non-existent debts. Calls are made using the aliases Philip and Christopher.

We advise against sending money or personal information to anyone, no matter how convincing. Only after you have verified that the debt is real and confirmed it is so.

If you have any questions about similar mails, please send us an email!

Phishing scams are increasing daily. We’ve been able fish similar phishing scams such as EireVerify scam, Svieducation scam and Vince Camuto email fraud, NYSDOL scam and USPS scam to name a few.