Are you looking to add some style to your summer look? Accessory accessories will complete any look, no matter how formal or casual. It can be difficult to choose the right accessory, so it is important.

People are purchasing products online to save both time and money, regardless of whether they live in the United States oder Canada. If you are also looking to purchase fashion accessories online, Is Juelliar Legal is the right answer.


We can use some parameters to verify a website’s authenticity. These are the data we have about this particular ecommerce portal.

  • Owner’s identity: The site does not mention the owner’s name
  • Trust Index: It has a terrible trust score of 2 percent
  • Website Age: The website has been online for only 2 months
  • Plagiarism: There are not many duplicates of data
  • Contact details: You can reach them by email or over the phone
  • Website rank: Alexa ranks this website at the 8,259-141st rank
  • Review: Some Juelliar Reviews can be found on the official website
  • Payment Options: PayPal or card payments accepted
  • Register Domains: 16-02-2022
  • Legality of Address: It is not possible to give a complete address
  • Clarity of Policies: The policies are unclear and dubious
  • Social Media Accounts: This website has a Facebook page.

These parameters often contain harmful data so it is not possible to trust the site blindly.

About Juelliar

This online shop sells fashion accessories. This site sells bags, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. They guarantee the highest quality and styles. The products are quite expensive. We discovered that the website was well-organized and the products are properly categorized. This made it much easier to navigate through the site.

Unfortunately, there is not much technical information available for this e-commerce site. According to the website, all products are custom-made.

Specific Information

  • Choose Your Accessories Here:
  • Registered Address: There is no specific address listed on this site
  • Telephone Number: +852 53212 7514
  • Email address:
  • Hours of operation:
  • International Orders: International orders are accepted on the website
  • Juelliar Review: These reviews can only be seen on the official website
  • Shipping Methods: There are two shipping methods available: Secured and Standard. It is up to the customers to decide which method they prefer.
  • Delivery costs: These are dependent on the shipping method used and the shipping address.
  • No shipping charges for orders over $100
  • Refund Policy: If the product is experiencing major issues, no returns will be accepted
  • No return charges
  • Refund Policy: Complex and unclear
  • Exchange Policy: Exchange is not possible
  • Cancellation terms: Accepted up to 24 hours after order placement
  • Payment details: You can use either PayPal or cards to pay
  • Social Accounts: A Facebook official page can be seen

Is Juelliar Legit to the Offered Pros

  • Provides worldwide delivery
  • Shipping is free
  • Products can be customized

What are the cons?

  • There is no exchange or return.
  • The refund policy is complex and unclear
  • There are only two payment options available
  • Here products are more expensive

What are Buyers’ Reviews?

Customers’ reviews are a mirror of the site’s true nature. We looked through customer comments and found that the service is only available on this website. Most of the comments on this website give a positive answer to Does Juelliar Legit. We all know that these reviews are not reliable as they often contain fake reviews. It is better to learn how to Get your Money Back from Paypal if you are scammed

Although the website has a Facebook page, the reviews section is disabled so it cannot provide feedback from customers. For more information about Juelliar , you can visit this page.


Juelliar Legit ? Our answer is “No”, but if you’re still interested in the website, you should first read How To Get a Credit Card Refund, If Scammed Also, please comment below.