Are you looking to buy attractive accessories and clothing online? Are you familiar with Jerobin’s online shop platform? Did Jerobin entice you? Before you deal with Jerobin, take a moment to verify the authenticity.

Many web shoppers in Mexico and the United States continue to search for new products and are attracted by images on online shopping platforms. Jerobin is a website that sells clothing.

Is Jerobin Scam?

  • Website details – Jerobin’s domain has been registered since December 9, 2020.
  • Details Jerobin’s domain is It is a one-year-old online platform.
  • Social Media profiles – Jerobin has a Facebook account with no user reviews. It has also been liked by no visitors.
  • Rating –Jerobin has only 6.6 trust ratings. This indicates that the website is not trustworthy.
  • Trust Score – Jerobin has been awarded a one percent trust score.
  • Rank Jerobin received a 39.8 rank. This indicates that it is a questionable platform.
  • Customer Reviews – There is no Jerobin Review.

Since Jerobin has not achieved trust or rank, the details of its online platform are suspect.

What is Jerobin ?

Jerobin is a clothing shop where you can find many different products in different styles. Jerobin offers clothing and accessories for both men and women. You can find tops and bottoms for women, as well as shorts, pants, jeans, sweatpants, and other accessories for men. It also has beautiful images on its homepage.

The tab at Jerobin’s store indicates that you can shop for human wigs. The tab isn’t working and doesn’t show the mentioned items. Before you deal with it, make sure to search Is Jerobin Legit.

This is the most important factor. It indicates a suspicious website since fake websites often copy content from other sites.

Specifications of Jerobin :

  • Website URL –
  • E-mail ID –
  • Phone Number: +88 188 411 4230
  • Its address is: Room number 1801-1808, Xincheng Science and Technology Park Building- Two Changsha High Tech Development Zone, No.-588 Yuelu West Avenue Changstan-China
  • Operating hours not available
  • Amex, Apple Pay Master Card, PayPal and Visa are all available payment options.
  • Shipping policy: Products purchased from Jerobin’s online store will arrive within 10-15 days. Before placing an order, check Is Jerobin Legit. If your order exceeds 89 USD, you can get free shipping
  • Jerobin’s Return Policy – Jerobin accepts returns within 14 days of receiving an order.

The Jerobin :

  • Jerobin’s online shopping portal offers a wide selection of products for men and women.
  • Jerobin claims that it offers high-quality accessories and clothing.
  • It offers tops, dresses and jeans.

Cons of Jerobin :

  • Jerobin’s items for shopping are very expensive.
  • Shipping costs are high. The standard delivery option costs 6.99 USD and the express option 15.99 USD.
  • Jerobin’s products have low quality and are made of poor fabric.

Be careful when you visit Jerobin’s online shopping site.

Jerobin Review:

Jerobins’ has not received any reviews or ratings for their purchases. There is no opinion on its Facebook social media page. It also has a limited number of visitors to its official clothing shopping portal. It is not well-known online, with no reviews. Jerobin’s no ratings from viewers indicate that it needs to improve its online shopping store, as its images and information are not authentic.

Jerobin can be dangerous so you should be cautious. Before you visit a store, make sure to check the information and determine whether or not it Legit.

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Final Verdict:

Jerobin is a clothing-goods selling portal. It is suspicious because of the lack of reviews, low rank and low trust score. It is best to avoid Jerobin’s official online shopping store. You can tap here to search for high-quality clothing .

You can also check out How To Get a Full Credit Card Refund . We recommend that you verify Jerobin’s facts, explore Is Jerobin Legit and avoid getting into fake websites.