This article will inform readers about Is Funshop Legal. Other details and specifications.

Are you an anime fanatic? Are you also a passionate fan of anime series? Do you love to collect them and make connections with your collection? It seems you’re not the only one who wants to make a collection out of these series and connect your love with the belongings. This is what Worldwide is doing.

The Funshop TikTok website has a huge collection of anime for all price ranges. They don’t just sell accessories, but also wear gear like shirts and shoes. People are curious to find out Is Funshop Legal? Let’s get started!

Funshop Legit or Not?

  • Creation Date-25/06/2022 (less that two months)
  • Expiration Date-25/06/2023 (nearly one year)
  • The identity of the owner is kept secret with WHOIS.
  • Trust index-1%. This is very poor.
  • Trust score –87/100. This is impressive and very promising.
  • Website’s blacklist search engine- Not detected yet by any search engine.
  • Website Ranking- This website ranks at a low average rate, which is unusual.
  • Malware score –Not Found.
  • Phishing Score – Not found.
  • Security- Safe HTTPS protocol detected.
  • Funshop Review – There are no reviews on this website or any other trusted sites.
  • Social media handles – They don’t have any active social media accounts.
  • Contact details – Only email related contacts are available on this website.
  • Spam score – Not found.
  • Close proximity to suspicious website- Marked as low-average site, making the site suspicious.
  • Address- Not mentioned.
  • Feedback –Customers cannot send feedback via email. There are no open sections.

This website and its components are analyzed to give a mixed view. Is Funshop Legit?

About the Website- TikTok

Funshop-TikTok claims to be a registered website that is authorized by TikTok and Shopify as a store. You will find many options for anime accessories and gear, as well as deals and combos. You can also get free shipping and discounts.

You can make secure and easy payments with them. They also have a huge selection of accessories. They also offer a guarantee of a good for a period of 90 days from the date you purchase the item. Some limited editions cannot be found elsewhere or on portals.

Is Funshop Legal? Details-

  • Website name-
  • Contact number –Not found
  • Email ID-
  • Not found
  • Price –It’s in USD
  • Return and refund policy- One can be applied within 14 days after receiving your order.
  • Payment methods –PayPal
  • Shipping policy – Their shipping policy is split into two parts. There are two types of shipping: express and default logistics. They process orders within 3-14 business days.
  • Privacy policy – They have collected payment and location information.
  • Tracking- Available.

This analysis shows that Funshop is Legit? is a question with a mixed response, and the concrete answer is No.

The website’s pros and cons –

  • They are issued a valid SSL certificate.
  • These are designated as safe.
  • They are still not able to find their malware and phishing scores.

Cons of this website-

  • Alexa rank is not adequate.
  • This website contains content that has not been analyzed yet by any server.
  • There is no contact information.
  • WHOIS hides the identity of the owner.
  • It is far too young and will soon expire.
  • Their trust score is unmatched and their index is unbeatable.

Funshop Review –

We are unable to find any review or rating section on the official website. There is no feedback section where customers can leave reviews. They claim to be triple registered but lack of data raises doubts about their legitimacy and authenticity.

We were also unable to locate any reviews on any other review submission portals that are trusted. They are incomparable, with one increasing the trust score and the other falling low.

You can also click here to to learn more about how to avoid PayPal scams.


Is Funshop Legal ? Based on our recent analysis, we wouldn’t recommend trusting this portal blindly even though they claim to have registered. Data is an accurate measure of all things we can weigh and mark. Relying on a new portal without verified data can cause financial problems and be detrimental to your ability to have other experiences.

Youth are now embracing anime, which is why they launch such websites.