EpiqPay is a digital payment platform that allows you to pay online. This payment platform is being discussed by people all over the globe, as well as the United States. Many people are wondering if this payment platform is safe. Many apps are designed to scam people and steal their money. EpiqPay has been brought to the forefront of attention and many people are now curious whether is Epiqpay Legit. Or a scam platform. We have the answer for you. This article will tell you everything you need to know about EpiqPay’s legitimacy and fraudulence.

EpiqPay genuine or a scam?

EpiqPay is a legitimate digital platform and you will be happy to learn that. EpiqPay’s domain is older than 2 years (27/02/2016), which is a safe domain age. It has a trust index of 86 %. The website link for this site is https://www.epiqglobal.com/en-us/technologies/epiqpay.

Epiqpay Scam Information on Epiqpay

We have already informed EpiqPay that EpiqPay isn’t a fraud and that it is a legitimate digital platform. This is an official Epiq Class Action platform for digital payments. This platform makes it easy and convenient for people to receive large amounts of money. EpiqPay is a platform that allows individuals who are eligible to receive settlement payments. Epiqpay will send the link to Apple for the claim of the settlement amount.

Overview to understand Apple Links to answer is Epiqpay Legit

Maldonado against Apple Inc. is the name of the lawsuit filed by Epiqpay. The Settlement of Epiqpay was made under the terms of Apple Care + and Apple Care Protection Plan that allow customers to get service for accidental damage or hardware defects. The court has not ruled in favor of either party. Apple and Epiqpay reached a settlement. Apple will pay $14.8 million to settle the lawsuit against third party servers.

Eligible Individuals Will Receive the Epiqpay Apple Settlement

Emails were initiated on 29 August 2022 and can be claimed until 28 November 2022. Equipay can be done by sending an


This article contains information on the legitimacy fraudulence of Epiqpay. Is your settlement amount eligible? Let us know what you think about the article Is Epiqpay Legit, and how this article is helpful to you in the comments section below.