Are you suffering from foot problems? Are you experiencing pain and strain in your knees and ankles when walking? These problems can be treated with orthopaedics.

Many people in the United States have one or more leg problems. A sandal is all you need to solve any problem you have while walking. has created a special sandal. Let’s see Is Dotmalls legit.

  • The portal’s age: this website was launched on 16 January 2021. This website is currently for sale for one year and three months.
  • Alexa ranking5864049 This is the Global Alexa rank for this website.
  • Trust score14%
  • Social media connections: We couldn’t find any social media pages on this site.
  • Copyleft content: The content of this site is 23% copied and 77% original.

This website is quite mysterious. This website is very mysterious.

  • Customer reviews:customer testimonials are available on this website. However, it is not able to verify if they are genuine.
  • Contact address authenticity.Contact address on the website isn’t legitimate. This makes it appear fraudulent or that the website is fraudulent.
  • Owner’s Information: We could not locate owner information on this site.
  • Return policy This website does not provide any information about the return or refund policy. This website lacks important information that we cannot trust.

Is Dotmalls Legit or not? We don’t have enough information to say. This website creates unique footwear that can help you with Orthopaedic issues. This footwear can be used to alleviate any problems such as flat feet, knee pain, or ankle pain. You can also wear this footwear for other occasions.


  • This website is a type of website:This website designs sandals in a unique way that can be used for medical purposes.
  • Portal’s date16 Jan 2021.
  • Website link:
  • Email address:

Is Dotmalls Legit? The website does not support the claim that it is legitimate. The majority of the information on the website is false or unavailable.

  • Contact number: missing information
  • Contact address: Room 702, 7/F, Spa Centre, No. 53-55 Lockhart Road Wan Chai (HK).
  • Sort option We cannot open the product so we have to use the sort and filter options.
  • Product price:There is no information on how you can pay for the product.
  • Delivery and shipping method:unclear.
  • Payment Mode:Paypal MasterCard, Visa.

Pros who claim: Does Dotmalls Legal

  • Both the product and the cause of the development of this website are attractive.
  • It is very attractive in terms of interface and page development.
  • This website is online for over a year.


  • This website does not contain the required information. Some information is false or unavailable.
  • Although this company has been in business for over a year, it only has a 14% trust score.
  • You will not find the most important shipping information or other policies on this website.
  • To buy an item from the website, you cannot click on it. This website is a fraud.

Dotmalls Review

There are reviews on the site with positive ratings and comments from customers, with the appropriate images. But the bottom line is that there isn’t any evidence that these comments are true. You cannot click on an item and buy it. So how can you buy a product and leave a review? You can also check How To Get a Refund On PayPal if you are scammed while shopping online.


We can see that the website contains a lot of false information. Is Dotmalls Legit is clear. You cannot purchase any products from this website.

Are you still interested in purchasing any product on this website? Please leave your feedback below.