Are you a fan of writing with different types of pens? Are you a pen collector with a passion for creating unique and original pens? Switch pens are something you may have seen or heard of. This article will provide all the details.

Today’s article will provide details about an online marketplace that sells different types of pens. It is a platform that sells pens from different countries, particularly the United States. Continue reading to find out Is Crushmetric Legal.

Crushmetrics Reliable?

First, it would be useful to learn some facts about the website. These facts will help you verify your questions about the authenticity of this website.

  • Portal Age This website is 1 year, 5 months old. It was launched by the team on 23 August 2020.
  • Portal Trust Score60% is a Moderate Trust Index.
  • Alexa rank –2,674,088, a not very impressive ranking. This shows that the website is still not very popular despite having crossed the one-year mark.
  • Customer Reviews – The designers have not included a section where customers can leave Crushmetric Review.
  • Social Media Connection The website links to its social media pages on Twitter and Instagram, Discord, TikTok, and Discord.
  • Contact details – No contact details are available at the portal. Only the inquiry form is available in the Contact Us section.
  • No Policies – The team has not discussed any Shipping, Returns, Refunds or Privacy Policies. Customers cannot access critical information on the website.
  • Incomplete Website Design – This website is poorly designed and unfinished. The same links are also provided at the top and bottom.

These details indicate that this website could be suspect. We cannot declare Crushmetric Legit because it is relatively new.

What’s Crushmetric?

Crushmetric sells switch pen via an electronic commerce platform. Ballpoint pens can change the shape of their metallic bodies by simply pressing a button. Although many of these products were created by the founder of the website, it currently only offers pens.


  • Website Type – An online e-commerce website selling switch pens.
  • Website Address –
  • Contact Information The website does not contain a contact number, e-mail address, or telephone number. They are absent and raise serious doubts about the authenticity of this website.
  • Shipping Information – The developers have not given any shipping policies, which confirms your query Crushmetric Legit. The shipping charges were $20, but we could not find them while shopping.
  • Refunds and Returns Information –Unavailable
  • Terms & Conditions –Present
  • Privacy Policy – No privacy policy is available.
  • Social Media Connections Present
  • Product Price –Mentioned In USD
  • Payment Options We couldn’t find the payment options for this website. To find out the exact same, buyers must checkout.
  • Sorting and Filtering options –Absent. This is because only one product is currently available.


  • All legal points have been covered by the developers in the Terms and Condition.
  • The team provided product videos that were descriptive.

Confirming Crushmetric Legit

  • This website does not contain contact information. Customers cannot reach the owners by filling out this form. Customers must fill out the form, then wait for a reply from the team.
  • The payment option badges do not appear on the homepage. To see the payment options, one must add the item to your cart and check out.
  • This platform does not mention any of the policies such as Shipping, Returns, Privacy, Refunds or etc. The website appears to be in construction.
  • The website currently only sells one product.
  • This website lacks a review section so customers cannot trust it.

Crushmetric Reviews

Trustpilot, Reddit and Quora are the most popular review platforms. They have no threads that mention this website. It seems that shoppers have not bought its products or opined about them. This is a bad point for this website, as it has been around for over a year. The website lacks a section where buyers can leave reviews. The website did not provide any information about the subject. As a precaution, we ask you to know the Simple and Easy methods of refunding PayPal.

The Final Verdict

We have suspicions about the website based on what we have gathered. Is It Legit? This website is still relatively new. To protect your money, we recommend you Learn how to Redeem money on a credit card