Most outdoor furniture and decor items are too costly and difficult to afford. To avoid spending too much on high-quality decor, budget management is essential. has been the ‘Hot Topic in the United States because of the rebate deals offered on every product.

Is Legit? Have you checked if the site is safe? This blog will help you to determine if the site is safe.

Analyzing Authenticity:

Scam websites often offer attractive rebate offers to lure innocuous buyers. It is important to verify the shop before you visit any site. Let’s now check the shop’s reliability.

  • Domain ID: The official record shows that the domain is called ‘’
  • Location Existence: The operator didn’t disclose the exact location.
  • Date of registration for shop: Shop was registered on the ecommerce platform on March 2, 2022.
  • Reviews: Are you missing?
  • Trust-Index: The index points are 1%.
  • Social Network: There is no connection.
  • Name of the Owner: is the owner
  • Information that is missing: Address, phone number, and replacement process.
  • Plagiarism: 53% of common content and 27% duplicated data.
  • Skipped Pages: 7 pages were detected.
  • There are many payment options.
  • Broken Links: Not visible

All data show that the shop’s authority has been questioned. There are many areas where it is lacking. Further analysis is therefore required.

What’s the shop?

It is an online ecommerce shop that sells outdoor decor products, furniture, and other items in the United StatesIs Legit. You will find a variety of garden and home decor items in the shop. A patio sofa or fire pit patio set can be purchased at a very affordable price. You can also view the collection of different household materials such as Storage Sheds, Garbage Sheds, Bike Sheds, Storehouses, She Sheds, Garden Decor Items, and Storehouses.

The product page contains all necessary information such as detailed descriptions, specifications, and product images. All items can be found in the display section for a discounted price of 87 percent. It’s not enough just to look at a site. It is important to read the policy.

Specifications (Considering Reviews ):

  • Shop’s URL:
  • Information about the location: It is missing.
  • Email ID:
  • Reviews: There is no feedback.
  • Phone Number: This number is not available. A chatting tab is not available.
  • Shipping Process (& Duration): The process generally takes between 1 and 2 weeks. It can vary depending on where you are shipping to.
  • Charges: This is confirmed at check-out.
  • Cancellation Policy: Available but before shipping.
  • Refund Process: This process takes between 3 and 5 days to complete.
  • Officially, the return policy is for 30 days.
  • Is Legit? We don’t declare it to be legit because of multiple flaws.
  • You are not able to replace the process.
  • Payment Methods: Visa, Master Card and PayPal


  • The shop features a wide selection of outdoor decor, furniture, and other household materials.
  • There are many payment options.
  • HTTPS connection is active
  • Massive discount on every product


  • The trust index is horrible.
  • Social networks are lacking.
  • Review are not visible.
  • The phone number and the replacement process are not revealed.
  • Information about physical addresses is not available.
  • Social media and other digital platforms do not allow for promotion.

User reactions to’ Legit ?’ :

The site doesn’t have a separate menu for reviews and there is no section on the product page that includes reviews. Our team didn’t find any feedback. The tab to write reviews is not also available. We were unable to find and observe any feedback or promotional activity on search engines.

Its existence in social networks is also missing. It is evident that the owner did not take any steps to promote the site. Also, check out the most recent tips to see how you can get refunds from PayPal.

Final Verdict:

Is Legit Site’s age is over 1 month. It has poor trust index, missing reviews, and missing social connections. The address is also missing, and it is low in authority.