Do you enjoy matching shoes with your outfits and sandals? Do you love your large selection of sneakers and sandals? Are you looking to add more wedges to your collection? This article will provide information about a similar platform.

Today’s article will discuss the legitimacy of an online store that just launched. Customers from many countries, including the United Kingdom are eager to learn more about this online store. Continue reading to find out the answer to your question, Does Clarkshop Legit.

Is Clarkshop Trustworthy?

These points were compiled by us after we researched the portal online. These details will enable you to verify the authenticity of this website.

  • Website Age – This platform is just one month old as its creation date is 16 March 2022.
  • Website Trust Index1% falls under the category Very Bad Trust Score.
  • rank in Alexa –4,778,670. This is not a very high ranking. The portal is still new and is expected to see low traffic.
  • Customer reviews –Buyers left feedback on some products. These Clarkshop Reviews have all been rated five stars and are not dated. They were therefore sceptical and biased.
  • Social Media Connections The website doesn’t have any social media links.
  • The Genuineness and Content of Content – The website’s address is not the same as the company’s on the homepage. A third name is also mentioned in the Terms and Conditions. It appears that the entire content of this webpage has been copied.
  • The authenticity of contact information – A Contact Us page lists the name of an additional e-commerce platform. Additionally, the phone number and address can be associated with multiple portals. The e-mail address also mentions the name of another company.

These facts indicate that this website could be a scam. We cannot declare Clarkshop Legit because it is so new.

What’s Clarkshop?

Clarkshop is an electronic commerce platform that sells women’s shoes online. There are boots, sandals and wedges available. They also offer orthopedic footwear that claims to preserve correct posture when worn.


  • Website Type An e-commerce site that sells shoes for women like wedges and sandals.
  • Address of Website –
  • Contact Number –86 1552 284 66781
  • Physical address –Room number. Building no. 211 1, 81, Jingchang Rd., Wuchang St., District- Yuhang, Province- Zhejiang, Hangzhou City.
  • Email Address – This address is associated with another platform and can affect your opinions regarding Is Clarkshop Legit.
  • Sorting, Filtering –Available
  • Shipping Details – Standard shipping time is 1 to 3 working days. The shipping costs have not been disclosed by the owners.
  • Returns and Refunds Information – This website has a 30-day return policy. The policy does not include a refund timeline.
  • Product Price – Mentioned in USD
  • Payment Methods-PayPal, and credit cards from American Express, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.
  • Terms & Conditions –Present
  • Social Media Links –Absent
  • Privacy Policy – Mentioned


  • There are many colors and patterns available.
  • It is helpful to include information about the orthopedic function in product descriptions.

Cons Concerning Is Clarkshop Legit

  • Multiple platforms’ names are mentioned throughout the website. Its authenticity is therefore highly in question.
  • This website is still too new to be trusted.
  • Developers have not made payment options available in a policy nor in the form badges. To find out the payment options, we had to run a test checkout.
  • In the policy, there is no mention of shipping fees or thresholds for free shipping.
  • This portal has not been linked to any social media platforms by the developers.
  • All contact points listed on this site seem doubtful.

Clarkshop Reviews

This website has not been mentioned in any significant review forums. It seems that customers have not yet purchased products from this website. It is also difficult to trust this website right now, as it is still newfangled. We did find some products that had positive reviews. We were unable trust these opinions because there is no supporting date. We ask you to learn How to Get Your Money Back From PayPal if you have been scammed.

The Final Verdict

This website appears suspicious based on the information we have gathered from the Web. We cannot however state Is Clarkshop Legit, as it was launched recently. If you feel scammed, please see How To Get a Refund On Credit Card. You can also read about Boots and their uses.